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Civilization II's music is in the Red Book CD-audio format, the same as that found on normal music CDs. The songs are quite varied; some are from the 19th century classical era, such as the Blue Danube Waltz, while others have a tribal, tropical sound to them. The music can be played back through any CD-ROM drive. Over 200 MB of space on the Civilization II CD is taken up by the music, 280 MB is occupied by the videos (many of them are historical footages), whereas the actual program data takes up less than 30 MB.

Expansion Packs[]

The five different releases of Civilization II have added and subtracted tracks from the mix, with Fantastic Worlds containing the largest number of tracks of all releases.

Tracks Civilization II Conflicts in Civilization Fantastic Worlds Multiplayer Gold Edition Test of Time
Funeral March
Ode to Joy
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tenochtitlan Revealed
Harvest of the Nile
Aristotle's Pupil
Augustus Rises
Gautama Ponders
Hammurabi's Code
The Shining Path
Yes Yes Yes No No
The Crusades
Alien Invasion
Mongol Horde
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Civil War
The Great War
American Revolution
No Yes Yes No No
New World
Mars Expedition
World of Jules Verne
No No Yes Yes Yes
Fantasy No No Yes Yes Yes, renamed Tolkien
Primeval World No No Yes Yes Yes, renamed Jurasic (sic) Jungle
X-Com No No Yes No Yes, renamed They're Here
The Dome No No No No Yes

Wonders of the World Music[]

Whenever a player builds a Wonder of the World, a short video with music is played. The music is often taken from other sources:

Most videos, however, feature original compositions with often discernible inspiration,[1] either from Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ'':

  • Pyramids - "The Feeling Begins"
  • Great Wall of China - "Gethsemane"
  • Sun Tzu's War Academy - "Gethsemane"

Trevor Jones' and Randy Edelman's soundtrack to The Last of the Mohicans (1992):

  • Colossus - Main Title
  • Great Lighthouse - "Elk Hunt"
  • Marco Polo's Embassy - "The Kiss"
  • Magellan's Expedition - "Fort Battle"
  • United Nations - "The Glade Part II"

Or various other sources:

Players wishing to sample the music without a computer can do so by simply placing the game CD (provided it is the original 1996 edition) into an ordinary domestic CD-player.


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