Civilization V Soundtrack image

Civilization V Soundtrack image

The soundtrack of Civilization V was written by Geoff Knorr and Michael Curran, and features new compositions as well as folk songs and famous compositions. All tracks were performed by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Andy Brick, and orchestrated by Geoff Knorr.

Original gameEdit

Some of the songs in the game were released as a 2-disc soundtrack as part of the Deluxe Edition.[1] The tracklisting of the soundtrack is:[2]

Additional locations can be found here:[2] and [3] Original titles used,

Disc # Leader Civlization Name Length Composer
1 1 - - Opening Movie Music - 3:33 Michael Curran
2 - - Civilization V Theme - 5:19 Michael Curran
3 Washington America "America the Beautiful" Peace 3:14 Michael Curran
4 War 3:44
5 Elizabeth England "I Vow to Thee, My Country" Peace 5:25 Geoff Knorr
6 War 5:07
7 Bismarck Germany "Ode to Joy" Peace 5:37 Michael Curran
8 War 4:54
9 Napoleon France "Cancan" Peace 3:08 Michael Curran
10 War 4:27
11 Catherine Russia "Capulets and Montagues"[3] Peace 4:09 Michael Curran
12 War 4:19
13 Alexander Greece Epitaph of Seikilos Peace 6:46 Geoff Knorr
14 War 5:08
15 Augustus Caesar[4] Rome "Ancient Roman Melody Fragments" Peace 4:39 Michael Curran
16 War 5:45
17 Ramesses II Ancient Egypt[5] "Ancient Egyptian Melody Fragments" War 3:52 Michael Curran
N/A N/A Peace 4:47
2 1 Darius I Persia "Morghe Sahar" Peace 5:18 Geoff Knorr
2 War 5:51
3 Askia Songhai "Gambia Folk Song" Peace 3:49 Michael Curran
4 War 5:04
5 Harun al-Rashid Arabia "Thikriati; Hijaz Maqam" Peace 6:29 Geoff Knorr
6 War 4:49
7 Wu Zetian China "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Peace 4:42 Michael Curran
8 War 3:58
9 Gandhi India "Raga Asa" Peace 5:17 Michael Curran
10 War 3:50
11 Oda Nobunaga Japan "Rokudan no Shirabe" Peace 5:46 Geoff Knorr
12 War 5:58
13 Montezuma Aztec "Cora Mitote Song" from Santa Teresa Peace 5:11 Michael Curran
14 War 4:29
15 Hiawatha Iroquois "Ho, Ho, Watanay" Peace 3:34 Ian Smith
16 War 4:02

DLC SoundtracksEdit

Several Civilization Songs are found in Downloadable Content only Civilizations.

Leader Civlization Name
Genghis Khan Mongolia "Traditional Mongolian Long Song (Urtiin Duu)" Peace
Harald Bluetooth Denmark "Drømte mig en drøm i nat" and "Nobilis Humilis" Peace
Isabella Spain "Viva La Quince Brigada" Peace
Kamehameha Polynesia "Hole Waimea" Peace
Nebuchadnezzar II Babylon "Hurrian Hymn" Peace
Pachacuti Inca "Traditional Inca Melody Fragments" Peace
Ramkhamhaeng Siam Melody in "The Garland Handbook of Southeast Asian Music" Peace
Sejong Korea "Arirang" Peace

Gods & KingsEdit

The Civilization V expansion, Gods & Kings, includes the soundtrack within the game files. Civliizations and Leaders match those of soundtrack which aren't necessarly the same as the game.

# Leader Civilization Name ' Length Composer
1 - - Civilization V: Gods and Kings Opening Movie Music - 2:26 Michael Curran
2 - - Civilization V: Gods and Kings Theme - 3:14 Michael Curran
3Gustavus AdolphusSweden"Du Gamla, Du Fria"Peace3:01 Michael Curran
5BoudiccaCelts"Lord Gregory, The Lass of Aughrim"Peace3:22 Michael Curran
7William of OrangeNetherlands"In Naam van Oranje"Peace3:01 Geoff Knorr
9Maria TheresaAustriaRequiem Mass" in D minor; "Still Still Still"Peace3:01 Michael Curran
11AttilaHuns"Li Ling Si Han"Peace3:09 Geoff Knorr
13Queen DidoCarthage"Hymn to Nikkal"Peace3:14 Geoff Knorr
15TheodoraByzantine"Phos Hilaron"Peace3:12 Geoff Knorr
17Haile SelassieEthiopia"Traditional melody, Selassie's National Anthem"Peace2:56 Michael Curran
19Pacal The GreatMayan"Traditional melody fragments"Peace3:11 Michael Curran
21 - - "Fall of Rome" - 3:18 Michael Curran
22 - - "The Medieval World - Masse de Notre Dame" - 3:13 Geoff Knorr
23 - - "Smoky Skies" - 3:15 Michael Curran

Brave New WorldEdit

The second Civilization V expansion, Brave New World, contains the following original music:[6][7] [8]

# Leader Civilization Name Length Composer
1 - - Civilization V: Brave New World Opening Movie Music - 2:50 Michael Curran
2 - - Civilization V: Brave New World Theme[9] (Terra Nova) - 3:37 Michael Curran
3 Casimir Poland "Bóg się rodzi" Peace 3:27 Geoff Knorr
4 War 3:07
5 Enrico Dandolo Venice "Rotta O Sonata" Peace 4:19 Michael Curran
6 War 3:12
7 Maria I Portugal "Saudades De Coimbra" Peace 3:31 Michael Curran
8 War 3:15
9 Pedro II Brazil "Chega de Saudade" Peace 3:56 Geoff Knorr
10 War 3:19
11 Ashurbanipal Assyria "Ancient Assyrian Chant"


Peace 3:11 Geoff Knorr
12 War 3:10
13 Ahmad Al-Mansur Morocco "Mawal Gnawi" Peace 3:22 Michael Curran
14 War 3:10
15 Shaka Zulu "Duo Juluka: Inhliziyo Yami" Peace 3:24 Michael Curran
16 War 3:10
17 Gajah Mada Indonesia "Udan Mas" Peace 3:36 Geoff Knorr
18 War 3:03
19 Pocatello Shoshone "Shoshone Sun Dance Songs" Peace 3:27 Geoff Knorr
20 War 3:22
21 - - "Ujuba Na Takaburi"

Scramble For Africa Scenario Music

- 3:14 Geoff Knorr
22 - - Civil War Scenario Music - 3:13 Michael Curran
23 - - Conquest Of The New World Scenario Music (Orchestral Version) - 3:31 Michael Curran


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