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Civilization VI Soundtrack

Civilization Soundtrack image as seen on official YouTube video

The soundtrack of Civilization VI was written and orchestrated primarily by Geoff Knorr, who was assisted by Roland Rizzo, Griffin Cohen, and Phill Boucher.[1] The themes of each civilization are played as different variations of the same song throughout the eras, with simple single instrument melodies in the Ancient era turning into modern songs by the Modern era, symbolizing the evolution and growth of one's civilization throughout the ages.[2]

Main ThemeEdit

Christopher Tin, composer of the Grammy winning Civilization IV song "Baba Yetu," wrote "Sogno di Volare" (translated as "The Dream of Flight"), the main theme of Civilization VI. The theme was written to capture the spirit of exploration not only in "seeking new lands, but also the mental exploration of expanding the frontiers of science and philosophy". Tin premiered the song at a London concert in July 2016.[3]

Version of the song Length
Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight")3:53
A New Course (Opening Movie)2:45


Game SoundtrackEdit

This is the soundtrack of Civilization VI as released on YouTube by Firaxis. The main theme, "Sogno di Volare", is not found in this soundtrack. The soundtrack when purchased from digital music distributors such as iTunes or only includes 38 of the 76 songs. Start times are based on the times given by Firaxis on the official Civilization YouTube soundtrack .

Civilization Original Song Track Era Arranged by Length Start time
America "Hard Times Come Again No More" 1 Ancient Patrick McAvinue and Brad Kolodner 2:53 0:00
2 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:12 2:53
3 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:41 6:06
4 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:49 10:46
Arabian "Al Banat Iskandaria " 5 Ancient Kylie Hilali 2:38 14:35
6 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:27 17:14
7 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:01 20:41
8 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:51 24:41
Aztec Nahua music 9 Ancient Roland Rizzo 1:22 28:32
10 Medieval Roland Rizzo 2:44 29:54
11 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:34 32:38
12 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:31 36:12
Brazil "Brejeiro" 13 Ancient Cesar Garabini and Kahil Nayton 2:44 39:42
14 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:05 42:26
15 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:53 46:31
16 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:34 50:24
China "Mo Li Hua" 17 Ancient Bing Xia 1:56 53:58
18 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:36 55:54
19 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:35 59:30
20 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:19 1:03:05
Egypt "El Helwa Di" 21 Ancient Chakib Hilali 2:13 1:06:24
22 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:10 1:08:36
23 Industrial Geoff Knorr 6:03 1:11:47
24 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 5:37 1:11:49
England "Scarborough Fair" 25 Ancient Geoff Knorr 2:00 1:23:26
26 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:09 1:25:25
27 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:59 1:29:34
28 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:42 1:33:33
France "Quand je bois du vin clairet" 29 Ancient Roland Rizzo 3:07 1:37:15
30 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:14 1:40:22
31 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:32 1:43:37
32 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:28 1:47:08
Germany "Ich hab die Nacht geträumet" 33 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:37 1:50:36
34 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:47 1:52:13
35 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:01 1:56:00
36 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:59 2:00:01
Greece "Song of Seikilos" 37 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:22 2:04:01
38 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:13 2:05:23
39 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:19 2:08:36
40 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:00 2:12:54
India "Vaishnava Jana To" 41 Ancient Deepak Ram 2:06 2:16:54
42 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:25 2:18:59
43 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:52 2:23:54
44 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:37 2:27:16
Japan "Itsuki no Komoriuta" 45 Ancient Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin and Geoff Knorr 2:44 2:31:54
46 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:05 2:34:43
47 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:43 2:38:43
48 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:40 2:42:26
Kongo "Banaha" 49 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:58 2:42:26
50 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:43 2:48:56
51 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:09 2:51:46
52 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:05 2:54:55
Norway "Gjendines bådnlåt" 53 Ancient Sissel Morken Gullord 1:21 2:58:00
54 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:10 2:59:21
55 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:31 3:02:30
56 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:53 3:06:01
Rome "Magna Mater" 57 Ancient Roland Rizzo 2:00 3:09:54
58 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:39 3:11:55
59 Industrial Roland Rizzo 5:39 3:15:34
60 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 4:40 3:21:13
Russia "Kalinka" 61 Ancient Andrei Saveliev 2:19 3:25:53
62 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:57 3:28:12
63 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:35 3:32:09
64 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:18 3:36:43
Scythia Original composition 65 Ancient Sandro Freidrich 1:30 3:41:01
66 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:56 3:43:31
67 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:23 3:46:27
68 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:10 3:50:50
Spain "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" 69 Ancient Benjamin Beirs 1:18 3:55:01
70 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:49 3:56:18
71 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:32 4:00:07
72 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:13 4:04:40
Sumeria "Hurrian Hymn no. 6" 73 Ancient Geoff Knorr 2:34 4:08:53
74 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:27 4:11:24
75 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:17 4:14:51
76 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:05 4:18:09

Rise and Fall Soundtrack Edit

The official Rise and Fall expansion soundtrack is found on YouTube

Civilization Original Song Track Era Listed Composer Length* Start time*
"Rise and Fall" 1 Geoff Knorr 3:17 0:00
Cree "The Drums of Poundmaker" 2 Ancient Poundmaker Singers 3:55 3:20
3 Medieval Geoff Knorr 5:05 7:15
4 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:28 12:20
5 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:28 16:49
Georgia "Shen Khar Venakhi" 6 Ancient Trio Kavkasia 2:34 21:17
"Tsaiqvanes Tamar Kali";

"Shen Khar Venakhi"

7 Medieval Geoff Knorr 5:36 23:50
8 Industrial Geoff Knorr 5:53 29:27
9 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 5:53 35:18
Korea Arirang 10 Ancient The Korean Performing Arts Academy of America 2:31 41:12
11 Medieval Roland Rizzo 2:48 43:43
12 Industrial Roland Rizzo 4:43 46:35
13 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 4:42 51:19
Mapuche Traditional Mapuche 14 Ancient Sandro Friedrich and Phill Boucher 2:38 56:01
15 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:22 58:40
16 Industrial Roland Rizzo 4:25 1:02:02
17 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 4:17 1:06:29
Mongolia "Pastor Song"; Khoomii Improvisation 18 Ancient Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry 2:37 1:10:46
"Pastor Song";

"Urtin Duu"

19 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:28 1:13:23
20 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:46 1:17:52
21 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:46 1:22:38
Netherlands "Gaillarde L'esmerillonne" 22 Ancient Sandro Friedrich 2:31 1:27:25
23 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:42 1:29:57
24 Industrial Roland Rizzo 4:18 1:33:38
25 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 4:16 1:37:57
Scotland "Scotland the Brave";

"Bonnie Dundee"

26 Ancient Kevin O'Brien & Patrick McAvinue 3:03 1:42:14
27 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:21 1:45:18
28 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:16 1:49:39
29 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:17 1:53:56
Zulu "Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda" 30 Ancient Legato 2:36 1:58:12
"Shaka Mamba; Bayisa";


31 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:54 2:00:49
"Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda";



32 Industrial Geoff Knorr 5:24 2:04:44
33 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:46 2:10:08

*The length for the songs was found off of iTunes while the start time was found on YouTube. These times do not exactly match.

Gathering Storm Soundtrack Edit

Unlike the Vanilla game and the Rising Tide expansion, the whole soundtrack for Gathering Storm was not posted in its entirety on the Civilization YouTube Page. Unofficial copies can still be found on YouTube, and the official soundtrack is on sale on sites such as iTunes or Amazon Music. This version is what the table below is based off.

Civilization Original Song Track Era Listed Composer Length*
"Gathering Storm"1Geoff Knorr 2:50
Canada"Vive La Canadienne"2AncientPatrick McAvinue and Cris Jacobs1:17
"Vive La Canadienne", The Crooked Stovepipe, "O Canada"3MedievalGeoff Knorr3:41
4IndustrialGeoff Knorr4:25
5AtomicGeoff Knorr and Phill Boucher4:26
Hungary "Hej Dunáról fúj a szél"

"Cinege, cinege"

6AncientSandro Friedrich and Michal Horsák1:19
7MedievalRoland Rizzo3:19
8IndustrialRoland Rizzo4:05
9AtomicRoland Rizzo and Phill Boucher3:59
Inca"Siempre Macho"10AncientCarlos Moises Ambia and Andres Jimenez from Inkarayku1:42
11MedievalRoland Rizzo4:00
12IndustrialRoland Rizzo4:21
13AtomicRoland Rizzo and Phill Boucher4:12
Mali"Masana Seesay"14AncientAmadou Kouyate1:39
"Mali Sadio", "Masana Seesay"15MedievalGeoff Knorr4:23
16IndustrialGeoff Knorr5:07
17AtomicGeoff Knorr and Phill Boucher5:07
Maori"Ka Mate"18AncientThe Te Tini a Maui Kapa Haka Group1:26
"Pokarekare Ana, "Ka Mate"19MedievalGeoff Knorr3:57
20IndustrialGeoff Knorr4:11
21AtomicGeoff Knorr and Phill Boucher4:16
Ottoman "Ey büt-i nev edâ olmuşum müptelâ"; "Yelkenler biçilecek"22AncientAdam Good1:47
23MedievalGeoff Knorr4:38
24IndustrialGeoff Knorr4:25
25AtomicGeoff Knorr and Phill Boucher4:24
Phoenicia"Hurrian Hymn"26AncientSandro Friedrich and Roland Rizzo2:30
27MedievalRoland Rizzo2:45
28IndustrialRoland Rizzo4:04
29AtomicRoland Rizzo and Phill Boucher4:13
Sweden"Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle"30AncientNiccolo Seligmann1:53
"Helan Går", "Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle", "Polska efter Pelle-Fors"31MedievalGeoff Knorr4:44
32IndustrialGeoff Knorr3:54
33AtomicGeoff Knorr and Phill Boucher3:44

New Frontier Pass Edit

Civilization Original Song Era Arranged / Composed by Length
Mayan "Xtoles" Ancient Geoff Knorr

Phill Boucher

"Rabinal Achí", "Xtoles", and "Bolonchon" Medieval 4:13
Industrial 4:03
Atomic 4:54
Gran Colombian "Velo Que Bonito", "Reír Llorando" Ancient Geoff Knorr

Phill Boucher

"Velo Que Bonito", Reír Llorando", "Pajarillo" Medieval 5:26
"Velo Que Bonito", "Reír Llorando" Industrial 4:51
Atomic 4:51
Ethiopian "Tizita" Ancient Minale Bezu and Getachew Mekuria
"Tizita", "Bati" Medieval Geoff Knorr
"Tizita" Industrial
Atomic Geoff Knorr

Phill Boucher

DLC Soundtrack Civilization Themes Edit

Civilization Original Song Era Arranged by Length
Poland "Hej ide w las" Ancient Roland Rizzo 1:55
Medieval Roland Rizzo 2:45
Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:19
Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:00
Australia "Waltzing Matilda" Ancient AJ Block and Patrick McAvinue 2:46
Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:25
Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:42
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:36
Persia "Kereshme"

"Reng-e Shalakhu"

Ancient Kazem Davoudian 2:37
Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:08
Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:48
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:46
Macedon "Tino Mori"


Ancient Vasko Dukovski 1:03
Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:10
Industrial Geoff Knorr 5:12
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 5:01
Nubia "Allah Yesa'du" Ancient Sandro Freidrich 2:44
Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:15
Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:30
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:16
Khmer "Khmer Rourm Sam Mawgee" Ancient Song Heng 0:52
Medieval Geoff Knorr 1:27
Industrial Geoff Knorr 0:14
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:03
Indonesia “Rejang Dewa"

"Bapang Selisir”

Ancient Geoff Knorr and Sandro Freidrich 1:35
Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:33
Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:10
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:08

Ambient Music Edit

Several hours of Ambient music are found in the game. These additional songs can be found here


  • The American civilization's theme, "Hard Times Come Again No More," was composed by Stephen Foster. Foster's other notable works include "Oh! Susanna," "Camptown Races," and "My Old Kentucky Home."
  • The Australian song "Waltzing Matilda" is a bush ballad and the unofficial national anthem composed by Christina Macpherson and the Lyricist Banjo Paterson
  • The Arabian theme is the Islamic hymn: Talama Akshu Grahami
  • The Canadian civ's theme is tuned on is O Canada, the Crooked Stovepipe, and the folk song Vive la Canadienne.
  • The Maori civilization theme is the Haka Ka Mate and the folk love song Pokarekare Ana.
  • The Swedish civ's theme is based on the drinking song "Helan går". The nyckelharpa player featured on this civ, Niccolo Seligmann, also recorded all the multitracked string parts for all medieval sections on viola da gamba and vielle (medieval fiddle)
  • The Greek theme is based on the Seikilos Epitaph , the oldest surviving complete musical composition which was engraved on a tombstone.


External linksEdit


  1. Civilization VI to feature an orchestral soundtrack led by Knorr and Tin
  2. Civ 6's music evolves alongside your cities, and it's one of its best features
  3. The composer of the Civilization 4 theme returns for Civilization 6
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