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The soundtrack of Civilization VI was written and orchestrated primarily by Geoff Knorr, who was assisted by Roland Rizzo, Griffin Cohen, and Phill Boucher.[1] The themes of each civilization are played as different variations of the same song throughout the eras, with simple single instrument melodies in the Ancient era turning into modern songs by the Modern era, symbolizing the evolution and growth of one's civilization throughout the ages.[2]

Main Theme

Christopher Tin, composer of the Grammy winning Civilization IV song "Baba Yetu," wrote "Sogno di Volare" (translated as "The Dream of Flight"), the main theme of Civilization VI. The theme was written to capture the spirit of exploration not only in "seeking new lands, but also the mental exploration of expanding the frontiers of science and philosophy". Tin premiered the song at a London concert in July 2016.[3]

Version of the song Length
Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight")3:53
A New Course (Opening Movie)2:45


25th Anniversary Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack of Civilization VI as released on YouTube by Firaxis. The main theme, "Sogno di Volare", is not found in this soundtrack. The soundtrack when purchased from digital music distributors such as iTunes or only includes 38 of the 76 songs.

Civilization Original Song Track Era Arranged by Length
America "Hard Times Come Again No More" 1 Ancient Patrick McAvinue and Brad Kolodner 2:53
2 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:12
3 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:41
4 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:49
Arabian "Uskudar" 5 Ancient Kylie Hilali 2:38
6 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:27
7 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:01
8 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:51
Aztec Nahua music 9 Ancient Roland Rizzo 1:22
10 Medieval Roland Rizzo 2:44
11 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:34
12 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:31
Brazil "Brejeiro" 13 Ancient Cesar Garabini and Kahil Nayton 2:44
14 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:05
15 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:53
16 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:34
China "Mo Li Hua" 17 Ancient Bing Xia 1:56
18 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:36
19 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:35
20 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:19
Egypt "El Helwa Di" 21 Ancient Chakib Hilali 2:13
22 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:10
23 Industrial Geoff Knorr 6:03
24 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 5:37
England "Scarborough Fair" 25 Ancient Geoff Knorr 2:00
26 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:09
27 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:59
28 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:42
France "Quand je bois du vin clairet" 29 Ancient Roland Rizzo 3:07
30 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:14
31 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:32
32 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:28
Germany "Ich hab die Nacht geträumet" 33 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:37
34 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:47
35 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:01
36 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:59
Greece "Song of Seikilos" 37 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:22
38 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:13
39 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:19
40 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:00
India "Vaishnava Jana To" 41 Ancient Deepak Ram 2:06
42 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:25
43 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:52
44 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:37
Japan "Itsuki no Komoriuta" 45 Ancient Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin and Geoff Knorr 2:44
46 Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:05
47 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:43
48 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:40
Kongo "Banaha" 49 Ancient Geoff Knorr 1:58
50 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:43
51 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:09
52 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:05
Norway "Gjendines bådnlåt" 53 Ancient Sissel Morken Gullord 1:21
54 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:10
55 Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:31
56 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 3:53
Rome "Magna Mater" 57 Ancient Roland Rizzo 2:00
58 Medieval Roland Rizzo 3:39
59 Industrial Roland Rizzo 5:39
60 Atomic Roland Rizzo and Phill Boucher 4:40
Russia "Kalinka" 61 Ancient Andrei Saveliev 2:19
62 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:57
63 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:35
64 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:18
Scythia Original composition 65 Ancient Sandro Freidrich 1:30
66 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:56
67 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:23
68 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:10
Spain "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" 69 Ancient Benjamin Beirs 1:18
70 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:49
71 Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:32
72 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 4:13
Sumeria "Hurrian Hymn no. 6" 73 Ancient Geoff Knorr 2:34
74 Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:27
75 Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:17
76 Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:05

DLC Soundtracks

Civilization Original Song Era Arranged by Length
Poland "Hej ide w las" Ancient Roland Rizzo 1:55
Medieval Roland Rizzo 2:45
Industrial Roland Rizzo 3:19
Atomic Roland Rizzo 3:00
Australia "Waltzing Matilda" Ancient Geoff Knorr 2:46
Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:25
Industrial Geoff Knorr 3:42
Atomic Geoff Knorr 3:36
Persia "Kereshme and Reng-e Shalakhu" Ancient Kazem Davoudian 2:37
Medieval Geoff Knorr 3:08
Industrial Geoff Knorr 4:48
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 3:46
Macedon "Tino Mori" Ancient Vasko Dukovski 1:03
Medieval Geoff Knorr 4:10
Industrial Geoff Knorr 5:12
Atomic Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher 5:01

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  1. Civilization VI to feature an orchestral soundtrack led by Knorr and Tin
  2. Civ 6's music evolves alongside your cities, and it's one of its best features
  3. The composer of the Civilization 4 theme returns for Civilization 6
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