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The spaceship is a game concept in Civilization V.


By building and launching a spaceship meant to colonize the nearby star system of Alpha Centauri, the player achieves a science victory in Civilization V.


Players must complete the Apollo Program project before they can start building their spaceship. They also have to research several end-game technologies to unlock each part.

A spaceship consists of six parts that must all be built in cities and then transported to the Capital Capital for assembly and launch. Note that during the transportation phase the parts are vulnerable to enemy attacks! They can be destroyed by any hostile military unit walking in their tile, so they should be protected well! These are the specific parts:

Spaceship Parts
Part Name Prerequisite Technology Required Quantity Required Resource Production Production Cost
SS Booster SS Booster Advanced Ballistics Advanced Ballistics 3 Aluminum Aluminum 1500
SS Cockpit SS Cockpit Satellites Satellites 1 Aluminum Aluminum 1500
SS Engine SS Engine Particle Physics Particle Physics 1 Aluminum Aluminum 1500
SS Stasis Chamber SS Stasis Chamber Nanotechnology Nanotechnology 1 Aluminum Aluminum 1500

The Hubble Space Telescope and the Spaceship Factory help building the parts greatly by boosting city Production Production for spaceship parts. In addition, players who choose the Freedom ideology can adopt Space Procurements to buy parts with Gold Gold, while those who choose the Order ideology can adopt Spaceflight Pioneers to build parts with Great Engineers.