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Game InfoEdit

Advanced production building. Requires Factory.

  • +3 20xProduction5 Production
  • +50% 20xProduction5 Production in this city when building Spaceship Parts.
  • Consumes 1 20xAluminum5 Aluminum


The Spaceship Factory is a very late-game building, designed to give you an edge in the space race. It does provide a minor 20xProduction5 Production boost to your city, but at this point this effect is negligible and hardly worth the Aluminum resource the building consumes.

The bonus for constructing Spaceship parts is its main effect, reducing the time needed to complete a part to roughly two-thirds. This may be especially useful when you're scrambling to complete your Spaceship a turn ahead of your competition.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Spaceships are the most complicated things that humanity has ever produced. They're huge, requiring large amounts of material manufactured to the highest level of quality and constructed with a degree of precision unmatched in any other field. The Alpha Centauri spaceship factories employ the most talented workers in modern industry. Many of the workers have been chosen to go on the colonizing mission, which helps ensure their dedication and attention to detail. These vehicles must be flawless - a single careless weld or the tiniest dent in the wrong surface might leave several hundred colonists locked in a damaged vehicle some several million miles from home.

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