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Colonel Corazón Santiago
Colonel Corazón Santiago (SMAC).jpg
Commander of the Spartans
Name Corazón Santiago
Rank Lieutenant
Position Security
Country of Origin Puerto Rico
DOB 11-05-2026
Height 171.8 cm
Weight 56.8 kg

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The Spartan Federation is a faction in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It is a militaristic faction led by Colonel Corazón Santiago.

Faction characteristics[]

  • +2 Morale (well armed survivalist movement)
  • +1 Police (highly disciplined followers)
  • -1 Industry (extravagant weapons are costly)
  • Aggression Erratic
  • Priorities Discover, Conquer
  • Starting Tech Doctrine: Mobility
  • Agendas Power (Value)
  • Aversion Wealth (Value)
  • Special bonuses Prototype units do not cost extra minerals

Although Santiago is not herself restricted from choosing Knowledge values, an AI-controlled Santiago will take offense at a player's choice of such.

Leader's defining quote[]

"Superior training and superior weaponry have, when taken together, a geometric effect on overall military strength. Well-trained, well-equipped troops can stand up to many more times their lesser brethren than linear arithmetic would seem to indicate."

-- Col. Corazon Santiago, "Spartan Battle Manual"


  • Planet: A Survivalist's Guide
  • Spartan Battle Manual
  • Leadership And The Sea

List of bases[]


  1. Sparta Command
  2. Survival Base
  3. Commander’s Keep
  4. War Outpost
  5. Militia Station
  6. Fort Legion
  7. Janissary Rock
  8. Blast Rifle Crag
  9. Hawk of Chiron
  10. Assassin’s Redoubt
  11. Centurion Cave
  12. Bunker 118
  13. Hommel’s Citadel
  14. Training Camp
  15. Defiance Freehold
  16. Hero’s Waypoint
  17. Fort Liberty
  18. Ironholm
  19. Fort Survivalist
  20. Fort Superiority
  21. Halls of Discipline
  22. Parade Ground
  23. Citadel Station
  24. Freedom Base
  25. Libertyville
  26. Counsel of Centurions
  27. Fort Standfast
  28. Bordermarch Redoubt
  29. Constant Vigilance
  30. Impact Shelter
  31. Blood and Iron
  32. Solid Domain
  33. Liberty Rock


  1. Fleet Anchorage
  2. Admiralty Base
  3. Hydrodock
  4. Fleet Base
  5. Sea Outpost


  • The leader of the Spartan Federation is voiced by Wanda Niño.
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