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'Aho'eitu (Civ5) to Alexander's Conquests
Alexander's Conquests (Civ4) to Anti-aircraft gun (Civ5)
Anti-tank to Ashmunein (Civ6)
Ashmunein (Civ6)/Civilopedia to Barding (Civ6)
Barding (Civ6)/Civilopedia to Boudicca (Civ6)
Bowman to Canal (C-evo)
Canal (Civ6) to Chariot (Civ3)
Chariot (Civ4) to Civics
Civics (Civ4) to Cocoa
Cocoa (Civ5) to Construction (Civ4)
Construction (Civ5) to Currency (Civ3)
Currency (Civ4) to Dike (Civ4)
Dimension Folding Complex (CivBE) to Ectogenesis Pod (CivBE)
Ed Beach to Estadio do Maracanã (Civ6)
Estádio do Maracanã (Civ6) to Final Frontier buildings
Final Frontier technologies to Frederick
Frederick (Civ2) to Galleon (CivRev)
Galleon (CivRev2) to Gold
Gold (C-evo) to Great Work
Great Work (Civ5) to Happy
Happy Faces (Civ3) to Horse Pasture (Civ4Col)
Horse Riding to Indians (Civ2)
Indians (Civ3) to Islamic Temple
Islamic Temple (Civ4) to Karel Capek (Civ6)
Karel Capek (Civ6)/Civilopedia to Leader traits
Leader traits (Rising Tide) to List of leaders (CivRev2)
List of leaders in Civ3 to Machiavellianism (Civ6)/Civilopedia
Machiavellism (Civ6) to Martin Luther (Civ6)
Martin Luther (Civ6)/Civilopedia to Metal casting (Civ5)
Metal working (Civ5) to Modern era (Civ3)
Modern era (Civ4) to Musket man (Civ6)
Musketeer to Nidaros
Nigeria to Omega Starbase
Omega Stealth Ship to Peaks
Peaks (Civ4Col) to Polder (Civ6)/Civilopedia
Pole to Puppet city
Puppeteer (Civ6) to Religion
Religion (CTP2) to Roland Rizzo
Rolling Barrage (Civ6) to Satellites (Civ3)
Satellites (Civ4) to Shang (CTP2)
Sharuhen (Civ6) to Soldiers
Soldiers (CivBE) to Stealth Bmbr. (Civ2)
Stealth Bomber to Steam achievements in Civ5/Workers of the World - Unite!
Steam achievements in Civ5/Yoink! to Swordsman (Civ6)/Civilopedia
Swordsmen to The Enlightenment (Civ6)
The Enlightenment (Civ6)/Civilopedia to Tokugawa Ieyasu (CivRev2)
Tokyo to Unique units (Civ6)
Unit to Wagon train (Col)
Wajo (Civ5) to Wonder (CTP2)
Wonder (Civ2) to Δ Invasion Ship
Δ Planetary Defense Ship to ‘Aho’eitu (Civ5)
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