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20:59, April 28, 2020Corruption (Civ1).png (file)201 BNotAnyoneSpecial 
04:25, April 27, 2020Trade1.png (file)225 BNotAnyoneSpecial (This is the trade icon in civ 1.)
08:18, April 18, 2020Despotism (Civ2).png (file)40 KBNotAnyoneSpecial (This is the "Despotism" icon as seen in the emissary/diplo screen made to fit in with the other govt icons. There isn't really a "Despotism Civilopedia image" as it cannot be researched but all the other government advance civilopedia images are based ...)
03:10, December 23, 2019Beaker (Civ3).png (file)800 BNotAnyoneSpecial 
18:36, December 22, 2019Treasury (Civ3).png (file)1 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
14:20, December 21, 2019Pollution (Civ3).png (file)89 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
17:01, December 20, 2019Railroads (Civ3).png (file)9 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
16:54, December 20, 2019Roads (Civ3).png (file)8 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
20:41, December 19, 2019ModernEraCiv3.png (file)132 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
20:37, December 19, 2019IndustrialEraCiv3.png (file)130 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
20:34, December 19, 2019MiddleAgesEraCiv3.png (file)120 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
20:31, December 19, 2019AncientTimesEraCiv3.png (file)117 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 
14:29, September 29, 2019Ironclads (Civ3).png (file)14 KBNotAnyoneSpecial 

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