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Specialists are citizens that are taken off standard tiles to perform specific roles. Civilization II has three types of specialists:

  • Entertainer (Civ2).png Entertainers which create 2 Luxury (Civ2).pngLuxuries
  • Tax Collector (Civ2).png Tax collectors which create 3 Gold (currency) (Civ2).pngGold
  • Scientist (Civ2).png Scientists which create 3 Beaker (Civ2).pngScience

These citizens produce even more when paired with buildings and wonders that enhance the production of those three categories.

Civilopedia entry[]

The citizen icons displayed in the Population Roster of the City Display represent the city's work force. Each citizen added to the roster is automatically put to work developing one of the terrain squares within the city radius. In certain situations it may become necessary to remove a citizen from terrain production in order to perform a specific task. Citizens so removed are called specialists. There are three types of specialist, each of which increases one of the three components of Trade produced by a city. Entertainers increase Luxuries, Tax Men increase Taxes, and Scientists increase Science production.

To create a specialist, click on any production square in the City Map. The production icons disappear from the square, and an Entertainer appears in the Population Roster. To create a Tax Man, click the Entertainer icon once. To create a Scientist, first create a Tax Man, then click the Tax Man icon once. Cities must be size five or larger to support Tax Men and Scientists.

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