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2 Entertainers, 2 Tax Collectors, 2 Scientists (without Conquests).

It is sometimes necessary to fine-tune a city's production. To do so, you'll want specialists. Specialists do not work in the city radius so they don't contribute to city production of food, shields, or commerce. Instead, they produce extra happy faces, scientific research, or tax revenue.

  • Entertainers: An entertainer produces one Happy Face (Civ3).png happy face.
  • Scientists: A scientist produces three extra Science (Civ3).png scientific research.
  • Tax Collector: A tax collector produces two extra Gold (Civ3).png tax revenue.
  • Police Officer: A police officer reduces corruption by returning one corrupted Gold (Civ3).png commerce and one wasted Shield (Civ3).png shield.
  • Civil Engineer: A civil engineer produces two extra Shield (Civ3).png shields, but only for buildings and wonders.

To create one of these specialists, on the City Display, click any square currently being worked; the production icons disappear and an Entertainer appears among the population. If you wanted an entertainer, you're done. If you wanted a different specialist, click on the entertainer to cycle through all the specialists.

The yields from specialists are not affected by bonuses such as those from city improvements, or penalties such as those from corruption and waste. For example, if you have a civil engineer in a city (which produces 2 shields) as well as a factory (which increases shields by 50%), the civil engineer will not have its shield contribution increased to 3 and will remain at 2 shields, and neither of the 2 shields will be wasted even if that city is experiencing a very high level of waste.