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Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists are 20xPopulation5.png Citizens of your cities which, instead of trudging in the fields and mines around the cities, dedicate themselves to more refined work in your special buildings' specialist slots. Despite the fact that in this way less land is being taken advantage of, Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists are very important for your civilization, because they are the main source of GreatPeople5.png Great people Points (GPPs) and are thus central to your Great People generation! For more info on that, visit this article.

Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists are divided into several types, depending on the building they're assigned to. Besides certain types of GPPs, each type will also produce a yield - Production Production, Gold Gold, Culture Culture or Science Science. The yield they produce is added to the base production of the city, and is thus subject to enhancement bonuses.

Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists are crucial for your Great Person generation, being the most important contributor to that end. If you want a certain Great Person generated, assign Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists of the corresponding type in your cities. But aside from that, Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists produce valuable yields which aren't usually available from tiles (especially Culture Culture and Science Science). Use them to enhance these sides of your empire's yield, particularly in cities that contain bonus buildings for the relevant yield type.

Despite that Unhappiness (Civ5).png Unhappiness from Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists is shown separate to Unhappiness (Civ5).png Unhappiness from the rest of the 20xPopulation5.png Population, Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists produce no more Unhappiness (Civ5).png Unhappiness than any other 20xPopulation5.png Citizens, and can even produce less with the right enhancers.

Specialist Enhancers[]

See also: Great People (Civ5)#How to Earn Great People
Enhancer Effect
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty +1 Production Production from Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists (including Unemployed (Civ5).png Unemployed) in every city.
International Space Station International Space Station +1 Production Production from Scientist (Civ5).png Scientists and +1 Science Science from Engineer (Civ5).png Engineers
Secularism Secularism +2 Science Science from each Engineer (Civ5).png Specialist.
Democracy Democracy Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists produce half the normal amount of Unhappiness (Civ5).png Unhappiness. (Only in vanilla and Gods & Kings; Freedom Ideology Tenet in Brave New World.)
Civil Society Civil Society Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists consume only half the normal amount of Food Food (1 Food instead of 2 Food). (Only in vanilla and Gods & Kings, Freedom Ideology Tenet in Brave New World.)

Artist (Civ5).png Artist[]

Artist (Vanilla and Gods & Kings)[]

+3 Culture Culture
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Artist points

Building Specialist slots
Temple Temple Artist (Civ5).png (only in vanilla)
Mud Pyramid Mosque Mud Pyramid Mosque Artist (Civ5).png (only in vanilla)
Museum Museum Artist (Civ5).pngArtist (Civ5).png (only in vanilla and Gods & Kings)
Opera House Opera House; Ceilidh Hall Ceilidh Hall GodsKings5 clear.png Artist (Civ5).png (only in vanilla and Gods & Kings)
Cathedral Cathedral GodsKings5 clear.png Artist (Civ5).png (only in Gods & Kings)
Amphitheater Amphitheater GodsKings5 clear.png Artist (Civ5).png (only in Gods & Kings)

Artists, Musicians and Writers (Brave New World)[]

In the Brave New World expansion pack, the Artist (Civ5).png Artist has been split into three new kinds of Engineer (Civ5).png Specialist: Writer, Artist and Musician (see below). All of the cultural buildings providing slots for Vanilla/Gods and Kings Artists have been altered - they now provide 20xGreatWork5.png Great Work slots instead. Similarly, all Wonders that used to provide Great Artist points have now been altered to provide Great Work slots of the three types.

Only the three Guilds now provide slots for Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists, as well as GPPs towards the specific Great Person:

Artist (Brave New World)[]

+3 Culture Culture
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Artist points

Building Specialist slots
Artists' Guild Artists' Guild BNW-only.png Artist (Civ5).png(Artist)Artist (Civ5).png(Artist)


+3 Culture Culture
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Musician points

Building Specialist slots
Musicians' Guild Musicians' Guild BNW-only.png Artist (Civ5).png(Musician)Artist (Civ5).png(Musician)


+3 Culture Culture
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Writer points

Building Specialist slots
Writers' Guild Writers' Guild BNW-only.png Artist (Civ5).png(Writer)Artist (Civ5).png(Writer)

Engineer (Civ5).png Engineer[]

+2 Production Production
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Engineer points

Building Specialist slots
Workshop Workshop; Longhouse Longhouse Engineer (Civ5).png
Windmill Windmill; Coffee House Coffee House GodsKings5 clear.png Engineer (Civ5).png
Factory Factory Engineer (Civ5).pngEngineer (Civ5).png

Merchant (Civ5).png Merchant[]

+2 Gold Gold
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Merchant points

Building Specialist slots
Market Market; Bazaar Bazaar Merchant (Civ5).png
Bank Bank; Satrap's Court Satrap's Court; Hanse Hanse BNW-only.png Merchant (Civ5).png
Stock Exchange Stock Exchange Merchant (Civ5).pngMerchant (Civ5).png

Scientist (Civ5).png Scientist[]

+3 Science Science
+3 GreatPeople5.png Great Scientist points

Building Specialist slots
University University; Wat Wat Scientist (Civ5).pngScientist (Civ5).png
Public School Public School Scientist (Civ5).png
Research Lab Research Lab Scientist (Civ5).png

Unemployed (Civ5).png Unemployed[]

+1 Production Production

In a few ways, Unemployed (Civ5).png Unemployed citizens behave as Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists. They do not work a tile, and receive the bonus from the Statue of Liberty, as though they were Engineer (Civ5).png Specialists, but receive no other specialist bonuses[Verify. True for Secularism.] and produce little benefit. The number of slots for Unemployed (Civ5).png Unemployed citizens is unlimited.


GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.

BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.