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Sports Media is an Economic Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sports Media takes the Theater Square adjacency bonus from Aesthetics and adds an extra Amenity Amenity from Stadiums, making it most useful to Culture Victory seekers. The Greeks, (whose unique district, the Acropolis, replaces the Theater Square and can have high adjacency bonuses thanks to adjacent City Centers and Entertainment Complexes), Brazilians (whose Street Carnivals replace Entertainment Complexes and will most likely be filled with advanced buildings at this point in the game) and the Canadians (who can build their Ice Hockey Rinks adjacent to Entertainment Complexes with Stadiums for an additional +4 Culture Culture) have the best incentive to adopt this policy; otherwise, chances are there are better uses for an Economic Policy Economic slot.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Professional and college sports have become the remedy to relieve the sheer boredom of civilization (now that most folk don’t have to worry overly about starvation, disease, and war). To feed that craving for excitement, sports journalism rose to the fore in newspapers; according to Tracy Everbach, “flamboyant sports writing in the era of yellow journalism attracted newspaper readers” by the millions. The 1920s ushered in the daily sports page, turned to first more than any section, other than the obituaries. The Associated Press soon added a sports department. In the 1930s, sports media dominated radio, and then shifted to television – with networks paying ever more enormous sums to broadcast live events. And now, sports coverage is inundating the internet.

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