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Spy Satellite (CivBE)

Game info Edit

  • Utility orbital unit. Unlocked at Tactical Robotics.
  • Explores area six tiles around its deployment position.

The Spy Satellite is a utility satellite that provides visibility of a large area around its deployment position. As it takes up very little space on the orbital plane and is cheap, it is an excellent addition to add to the fringes of your orbital plane. These are especially useful with Firaxite coverage bonuses, as you can deploy a satellite over the top of another player's cities if they have Firaxite in their borders. Remember that this is not active visibility but rather just exploration visibility - you aren't able to see units.

Orbital specifications Edit

Subject Spy Satellite
Tech Prerequisites Communications
Resource Cost None
Production Cost 100 20xProductionBE Production
Orbital zone radius 0 (single tile)
Orbital Duration 45 turns

Explores area six tiles around its

deployment position

Civilopedia Entry

By carefully scanning and monitoring the surrounding area, the spy satellite is able to give moment-by-moment reports on activity happening below. This is done by constructing a three dimensional digital image using techniques inspired by the highly specialized sonar capabilities of the creatures on this planet.

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