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"One had a twisted design, red, on a green ground; another, all prickly angles, yellow and black; a third was ornamented with scales of blue and crimson; a fourth was in quarters like a melon."
–Katharine Blanche Guthrie

St. Basil's Cathedral is a Renaissance Era Wonder in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It must be built adjacent to a City Center.

Strategy Edit

If used together with the Khmer ability to gain Relic6 Relics when their Missionaries die in Theological Combat, this will hugely boost their Tourism6 Tourism output even after The Enlightenment has been researched. This strategy also works if you have built Mont St. Michel and focus on purchasing Apostles. If going this route, St. Basil, St. Michel, and any other building capable of holding Relic6 Relics should be built in the same city to maximize the Tourism6 Religious Tourism buff. Effort should also be made to get Cristo Redentor to keep the bonuses.

Even if you do not have a reliable way to farm Relic6 Relics, this Wonder can solely be used as "Tundra Petra" and it still pays off really well. The prime example for this would be Russia, with their civilization bonus making Tundra so much better already. Considering that not many civilizations will have a Tundra city or care about Relic6 Relics, not many opponents will compete against you for this Wonder, so you yourself can settle one city on Tundra and try to rush it.

Civilopedia entry Edit

The large, dramatically colored cathedral near Moscow’s Moskva River officially bore the name “Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat,” but most people referred to it as “St. Basil’s.” Also, the shorter name fits better on maps. Ivan the Terrible commissioned its construction in 1555 to commemorate victories achieved during his reign.

Despite Ivan’s namesake, the cathedral turned out to be anything but terrible. The cathedral is reminiscent of a Russian nesting doll, consisting of eight separate clustered churches rather than a single one. Though St. Basil’s was originally a drab white, it received a fresh coat of bold, patterned paint in 1860 that has defined it since.


  • During Soviet times the cathedral served on and off as a museum; on at least one occasion during the Stalin era it narrowly avoided being demolished as part of Stalin's grandiose urban "modernization" schemes.

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Civilization VI- Rise and Fall - St

Civilization VI- Rise and Fall - St. Basil's Cathedral (Wonder Movies)

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