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The Stadium is an advanced entertainment building in Civilization VI. It is built in the Entertainment Complex district and requires a Zoo (or one of its replacements).

Strategy Edit

This late game building could do miracles for your empire's happiness! Its effect is even more powerful than that of the Zoo, but of course comes with greater Civ6Gold Gold maintenance and a higher Civ6Production Production cost.

The Stadium also becomes a source of Tourism6 Tourism in big cities, which makes it even more important for Culture Victory pursuers.

Remember that the area effect of the Stadium works similarly to that of the Factory: it does not stack if you have multiple copies of this building within 6 tiles of a City Center.

Civilopedia entry Edit

A stadium is a better version of the colosseum, with a wider selection of snacks and more restrooms. The oldest known stadium, an open-air venue dedicated to worshipping sporting competitions, was in the western Peloponnese and served as the site of the ancient Olympic Games, first held c. 776 BC. Greek and Roman stadiums have been found in the ruins of many cities, a testament to their culture of competition. With the growth of leisure and the popularity of organized sports in the Victorian Age – notably football (soccer for the uncivilized) in Europe and baseball in America – stadiums were being built at a furious pace across the globe. Most of those industrial-age stadiums were built of wood, such as that at Lansdowne Road in Dublin (1872-2006) or the South End Grounds in Boston (1871-1914). These days, modern concrete-and-steel stadiums can hold upwards of 100 thousand screaming, obnoxious fans for a sporting match, rock concert, or political rally.

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