Standard Ethanol (Civ4)
Standard Ethanol (Civ4)


Required techs Corporation (Civ4) Corporation

Plastics (Civ4) Plastics

Required Great Person Great Scientist
Consumed Resources Corn, Rice, Sugar
Competing Corporations Cereal Mills (Civ4) Cereal Mills
Sid's Sushi Co. (Civ4) Sid's Sushi Co.
  • +2 Beaker (Civ4) per resource consumed
  • Makes Oil available


Standard Ethanol makes Oil available and provides science for each Corn, Rice, and Sugar resource consumed.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

As an energy source, few things can compare to fossil fuels. Yet, like most resources, the limited nature of fossil fuels has made an alternative energy source a necessary compliment to the world's power supply. Ethanol, which can be created from corn, beets and sweet potatoes, has become one of the leading candidates to wean consumers from their daily gasoline fix. Used as a fuel additive or a fuel itself, ethanol's renewable nature, as well as the increased availability of ethanol-powered vehicles, has made it the most widely used gasoline alternative in the world. But with an ever-increasing world population the use of fields to produce fuel instead of food has made the full-blown adoption of biofuels a difficult choice for those in positions of power.

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