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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth fundamentally changes the way you define your civilization (or more specifically, colony). Instead of selecting from a list of preset civilizations with defined special abilities and units, you can now customize to a much higher degree by selecting a series of details which will define the features of the expedition that was sent to colonize the alien planet you will land on. You must choose your sponsor, colonists, spacecraft, and cargo. These selections define the initial status of your civilization. Finally, you'll choose the map/planet type, as the ultimate component to setting up your very own expedition to an alien planet.

Beginning options[]


  • Sputnik - Beginner
  • Mercury - Easy
  • Vostok - Moderate: AI players receive a few advantages to improve their play
  • Gemini - Hard: AI players receive small advantages to improve their play
  • Soyuz - Very Hard: AI players receive large advantages to improve their play
  • Apollo - Hardest: AI players receive significant advantages to improve their play


  • Quick - The number of turns required to complete various tasks is compressed. Good for players who don't like to wait around too much
  • Standard - The default game pace
  • Epic - Production, Research, etc. all take a fair amount longer than when playing at Standard Speed. The game is balanced to take longer but still feel like a normal game
  • Marathon - The extremely long game speed will allow almost an entire normal game's worth of turns many times over in a single playthrough

Planet Size[]

  • Random Map Size - The game will randomly pick one of the map sizes for you to play
  • Duel - For 2 players
  • Dwarf - For 4 players
  • Small - For 6 players
  • Standard - For 8 players
  • Massive - For 8 players with more open space


Beyond Earth: Rising Tide[]

When Rising Tide was released, the sponsors were overhauled with Rising Tide-specific unique abilities. For example, PAC produces Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital whilst this is not possible in the base game. Unique abilities can additionally be upgraded with Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital and this is indicated with the x/y/z as to what changes as it is leveled.

Sponsor Unique Ability Capital Leader
American Reclamation Corporation American Reclamation Corporation (ARC) Covert operations are 30/40/50% faster and require 1/1/1 less intrigue levels to begin. Central Suzanne Fielding
Pan-Asian Cooperative Pan-Asian Cooperative (PAC) The first Wonder in every city is free. +1/2/3 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital from Wonders. Tiangong Daoming Sochua
People's African Union People's African Union (PAU) +10/15/25% Food Growth in Health Healthy cities and Specialists produce +1/1/2 of their yield. Magan Samatar Jama Barre
Franco-Iberia Franco-Iberia (FI) Free Virtue for every 10/9/8 Virtues earned normally through Culture Culture. Le Coeur Elodie
Kavithan Protectorate Kavithan Protectorate (KP) Cities require 30/40/50% less Culture Culture or Energy Energy to expand tiles. Mandira Kavitha Thakur
Brasilia Brasilia War Score points increased by 30/40/50% and +1/2/3 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital from each unit killed in combat. Cidadela Rejinaldo de Alencar
Polystralia Polystralia +2/3/3 Trade Routes in the Capital Capital and +1/1/2 Trade Route(s) everywhere else. Freeland Hutama
Slavic Federation Slavic Federation (SF) Orbital units require 1/1/2 less Strategic resource(s) and start with 4/6/6 free Titanium Titanium, Geothermal Geothermal and Petroleum Petroleum resources. Khrabrost Vadim Koslov
Al Falah Al Falah RT only City Developments increased by 150/175/200%. Ard Arshia Kishk
Chungsu Chungsu RT only Begin with 1/1/2 Covert Agent(s) and gain 10/15/30 Science Science per Agent rank when successfully performing an operation.
May make Planetfall at sea.
Jeongsang Han Jae-Moon
INTEGR INTEGR RT only Agreements cost 50/60/75% less Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital, and units and buildings cost 25/50/75% less Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital to purchase. Weltgeist Lena Ebner
North Sea Alliance North Sea Alliance (NSA) RT only Aquatic cities have 50/60/70% more Strength Strength and cost 50/60/70% less Production Production to move.
May make Planetfall at sea.
Deepcastle Duncan Hughes

Base Game Beyond Earth Sponsors[]

Sponsor Special Ability Capital Leader
American Reclamation Corporation (CivBE) American Reclamation Corporation (ARC) Covert operations are 25% faster and cause 25% more intrigue. Central Suzanne Fielding
Pan-Asian Cooperative (CivBE) Pan-Asian Cooperative (PAC) +10% Production Production towards Wonders
+25% Worker speed
Tiangong Daoming Sochua
People's African Union (CivBE) People's African Union (PAU) +10% Food Food in growing cities when Health Healthy
All cities start with an Old Earth Relic
Magan Samatar Jama Barre
Kavithan Protectorate (CivBE) Kavithan Protectorate Cities and Outposts acquire new tiles twice as fast Mandira Kavitha Thakur
Brasilia (CivBE) Brasilia Units have a +10% Strength Strength in melee combat
Units have a +5 Heal when fortified
Cidadela Rejinaldo de Alencar
Franco-Iberia (CivBE) Franco-Iberia Gain a free Virtue for every 10 Virtues earned normally through Culture Culture Le Coeur Élodie
Polystralia (CivBE) Polystralia Plus two trade routes in the capital Freeland Hutama
Slavic Federation (CivBE) Slavic Federation Orbital units stay in orbit 50% longer
+50% Petroleum Petroleum resources
Khrabrost Vadim Kozlov



After choosing your sponsor you get to decide what kind of colonists were put into the spaceship. Colonists provide a strong backbone for populating all colonial centers, and depending on their type bring another strong, city-based bonus, also useful throughout the game.

Colonists (CivBE) Colonists Ability
Scientists (CivBE) Scientists +2 Science Science in every city
Refugees (CivBE) Refugees +2 Food Food in every city
Aristocrats (CivBE) Aristocrats +4 Energy Energy in every city


Engineers (CivBE) Engineers +2 Production Production in every city
Artists (CivBE) Artists +2 Culture Culture in every city (3 in Base BE)


Pioneers (CivBE) Pioneers Build colonists and explorers twice as fast


Mercenaries (CivBE) Mercenaries All Cities have +25 Hit Points, and all units have +10% Strength Strength
and Ranged Strength Ranged Strength in friendly territory



When you have picked your colonists, it's time to select the special feature of your spaceship. This bonus is oriented towards the early stages of the game, as it is related to the colonization ship (which probably is dismantled to provide materials for the first city). Thus the advantage quickly becomes obsolete.

Spacecraft Spacecraft Specialty
Continental Surveyor (CivBE) Continental Surveyor Reveal coasts on map
Retrograde Thrusters (CivBE) Retrograde Thrusters Wider area for choosing where to land first city
Tectonic Scanner (CivBE) Tectonic Scanner No technology is needed to see Petroleum Petroleum, Geothermal Geothermal and Titanium Titanium resources
Fusion Reactor (CivBE) Fusion Reactor Begin with 100 Energy Energy
Lifeform Sensor (CivBE) Lifeform Sensor Reveal alien nests on Map
Electromagnetic Sensor (CivBE) Electromagnetic Sensor Reveal Artifacts on Map


Supply Module (CivBE) Supply Module Begin with 2 resource pods near the player's first city



Next you must select your spaceship's cargo. These additional materials define what you have with you right away when you found your first city, and consists of a free building or unit.

Cargo Cargo Specialty
Hydroponics (CivBE) Hydroponics Begin with extra Population Population in your first city
Laboratory Laboratory Begin with the Pioneering technology
Raw Materials (CivBE) Raw Materials Begin with a Clinic building in your first city
Weapon Arsenal (CivBE) Weapon Arsenal Begin with a Soldier unit
Machinery (CivBE) Machinery Begin with a Worker unit
Cryotome (CivBE) Cryotome Begin with a free virtue


Xeno Management (CivBE) Xeno Management Begin with an Ultrasonic Emitter unit



Finally you choose the planet you are going to colonize. The planets have different names, but their main features are always the same:

Planet Specialty
Terran World (CivBE) Terran World A world with a few large landmasses separated by oceans and some smaller islands.
Protean World (CivBE) Protean World A world of one ocean and one very large, continuous landmass with the possibility of small, coastal islands.
Atlantean World (CivBE) Atlantean World A world of islands of varying sizes separated by narrow water passages.
Random World (CivBE) Random World The game will randomly pick one of these planets for you to play.
Advanced Worlds (CivBE) Advanced Worlds Unique planets that offer greater challenge for experienced players.

See options below

Custom World (CivBE) Custom World Select a planet and biome combination of your choice

Advanced Worlds[]

Advanced Worlds (CivBE) Planet Specialty
Archipelago World (CivBE) Archipelago An oceanic world populated by medium and small islands.
Equatorial World (CivBE) Equatorial A rapidly spinning world with a bulging equator and day/night cycle much shorter than Earth's.
Glacial World (CivBE) Glacial [6] A temperate world undergoing severe glaciation during an ice age.
Inland Sea (CivBE) Inland Sea[7] A world with only one habitable region, surrounding the planet's only large body of water.
Skermish (CivBE) Skirmish [8] Multiplayer land battle, optimized for head to head or two teams. Variety of terrains available.
Taigan World (CivBE) Taigan A punishingly cold world whose best lands are found along the coastlines and rivers.
Tiny Islands (CivBE) Tiny Islands[7] An oceanic world populated only by lots of tiny islands.

Exoplanets Map Pack DLC Planets[]

Planet Description
Kepler 186f (CivBE) Kepler 186f This lush forest planet is one of the oldest known Earth-like planets.
Rigil Khantoris Bb (CivBE) Rigil Khantoris Bb Orbiting the closest star to the solar system, the historical records of this arid continental planet’s settlement are well-preserved.
Tau Ceti d (CivBE) Tau Ceti d This planet of seas and archipelagos features a booming biodiversity and a wealth of resources.
Mu Arae f (CivBE) Mu Arae f Tidally locked in orbit around a weak star, the southern hemisphere of this planet is a blistering desert where the sun never sets, while the northern hemisphere is perpetually in frozen darkness.
82 Eridani e (CivBE) 82 Eridani e An alien world of scarce water and wracked by tectonic forces.
Eta Vulpeculae b (CivBE) Eta Vulpeculae b A mysterious new discovery with unknown terrain.

Advanced Setup options[]

Advanced Setup BaseBE

Advanced settings for Civilization: Beyond Earth

Advanced Setup BERT

Advanced settings for Beyond Earth: Rising Tide version

Note the section below contains options not mentioned above.

Naming your Civilization[]

Players can name their civilization and their leader something other than what the name given to by default. Note, that the bonuses provided by the civilization the player choose are not changed, nor is the color scheme changed. To do this players must use mods. Players can change:

  • Leader Name - Note: Introduction screens will still have the original leader's notes. Rising Tide diplomacy screens will have the animated version of the original leader.
  • Sponsor Name - Full Name: Example "People's African Union" not "African Union"
  • Sponsor Short Name - Example "ARC" for the "American Reclamation Corporation"
  • Sponsor Adjective - Example "Slavic" for "Slavic Federation"


Players may team up with several AI players should they choose to.

More planet options[]

Planet Biome

Biome Tooltip description
Arid Arid A bright world of scorching heat and scarce, hardy lifeforms.
Frigid Frigid RT only An ancient world covered with icy glaciers and furtive but powerful lifeforms.
Fungal Fungal A dim, damp world of giant fungi and strange, delicate lifeforms.
Lush Lush A fertile, temperate landscape teeming with varied and abundant lifeforms.
Primordial Primordial RT only A young world of rough, volcanic terrain and vibrant but primitive lifeforms.

World Age
Older worlds are more eroded and contain fewer hills and mountains, while younger worlds have much rougher terrain

  • 3 Billion Years
  • 4 Billion Years
  • 5 Billion Years
  • Random


  • Cool: Increases how far the ice spreads toward the "equator" from either of the poles, decreases the amount of deserts that can exist, and slightly decreases the amount of forests.
  • Temperate: Attempts to keep tiles as temperature balanced as possible.
  • Tropical: Allows for more forests and slightly increases the amount of marshes.
  • Hot: Increases the amount of desert terrain on the equator, slightly decreases the amount of forests, and reduces the stretch of the ice terrain from the poles.
  • Random


  • Arid: Decreases the chance for forests significantly and creates more plains than grasslands.
  • Temperate: Attempts to balance the terrain.
  • Wet: Increases the chances for forests while also increasing the odds of grasslands and marshes.
  • Random

Victory Types[]

The player can disable certain victory conditions should they choose to.

Advanced Game Options[]

  • Max Turns - Game will end when max turns is reached. Setting this on will disable the victory achievement.
  • All Coastal Starts RT only - All player starts will be placed on or adjacent to coastal tiles (on applicable maps).
  • All Water Starts RT only - All player starts (not just the NSA or Chungsu) will be placed at sea (on applicable maps).
  • Allow Veterancy Saving - Players may choose to defer sending a Veterancy Bonus until later, instead of needing to pick immediately.
  • Allow Virtue Deferral - Players may choose to defer using Culture to develop a Virtue until later instead of needing to pick immediately. Virtues obtained for free still must be picked immediately, however.
  • Disable Planet Biome Effects RT only - Disable unique effects from Planet Biomes. All maps and biomes will have default rules.
  • Don't Stagger Starts - AI players start immediately after human players.
  • Frenzied Aliens - Alien aggression and spawn rates are greatly increased.
  • New Random Seed - Each time the game is loaded, the random number seed is regenerated. This means if you attack after loading, you might get a different result from the first time.
  • No City Razing - Players are not allowed to burn cities down after capturing them.
  • No Marvels RT only - Marvels do not appear on the map and, as a result, Marvel Quests are disabled as well.
  • No Resource Pods - Resource Pods do not appear on the map.
  • Quick Combat - No combat animations are played.
  • Quick Movement - No movement animations are played.


  1. Note that the December 2014 patch changed some sponsors for balance:
    • The Slavic Federation used to have Orbital units last just 20% longer and could receive a free technology when their first Orbital unit was launched. The patch removed the free technology from launching an Orbital unit, but increased the Orbital unit time and added the extra Petroleum Petroleum resources.
    • The People's African Union used to only get the +10% growth; the free Old Earth Relics were added in the patch.
    • Brasilia only had the +10% Strength Strength; the patch added the fortification bonus.
    • Franco-Iberia used to receive a free technology for every 10 Virtues acquired in any way. This was changed to free Virtue for every 10 Virtues developed through Culture Culture.
  2. 2.0 2.1 In the December 2014 patch the +1 Health Health bonuses from Artists and Aristocrats were removed, but their Energy Energy and Culture Culture outputs were increased by one.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Pioneers and Mercenaries are only available as unlockables playing Sid Meier's Starships.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Electromagnetic Sensor and Supply Module are only available as unlockables playing Sid Meier's Starships.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Cryotome and Xeno Management are only available as unlockables playing Sid Meier's Starships.
  6. Glacial map only available with my2k account
  7. 7.0 7.1 Island Sea and Tiny Island maps only available as unlockables playing Sid Meier's Starships
  8. Skirmish maps are not available when playing the Rising Tide expansion.
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.

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RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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