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Many civilizations in Civilization V and its expansions have a starting bias which affects their spawn location. Often, this helps the civilization make better use of its unique ability, units, and/or infrastructure (i.e., buildings and tile improvements) that can get benefits from certain tiles. The bias is usually based on historical data. Starting biases can be disabled in the advanced options screen when setting up a new game.

List of starting biases[]

Starting Biases in Civilization V
Civilization Starting bias
Byzantine Byzantine Coast Coast
Korean Korean Coast Coast
Japanese Japanese Coast Coast
Indonesian Indonesian Coast Coast
Portuguese Portuguese Coast Coast
Venetian Venetian Coast Coast
English English Coast Coast
Danish Danish Coast Coast
Ottoman Ottoman Coast Coast
Carthaginian Carthaginian Coast Coast
Spanish Spanish Coast Coast
Polynesian Polynesian Coast Coast
Arabian Arabian Desert Desert
Moroccan Moroccan Desert Desert
Aztec Aztec Jungle Jungle
Brazilian Brazilian Jungle Jungle
Iroquois Iroquois Forest Forest
Celtic Celtic Forest Forest
Indian Indian Grassland Grassland
Dutch Dutch Grassland Grassland
Russian Russian Tundra Tundra
Swedish Swedish Tundra Tundra
Mongolian Mongolian Plains Plains
Polish Polish Plains Plains
Austrian Austrian Hill Hill
Incan Incan Hill Hill
Zulu Zulu Avoid Jungle Jungle
Egyptian Egyptian Avoid Jungle Jungle and Forest Forest
Siamese Siamese Avoid Forest Forest
Hunnic Hunnic Avoid Forest Forest and Jungle Jungle
Assyrian Assyrian Avoid Tundra Tundra
Babylonian Babylonian Avoid Tundra Tundra
Songhai Songhai Avoid Tundra Tundra

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