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Some civilizations have a starting bias, which affects the starting positions they get assigned on map generation. This is done so that each civilization can gain terrain that best benefits their abilities, infrastructure, and unique units. The bias is usually based on historical data.

Upon generation, the map is split into equal parts for each civilization that is in the game. Each civ starts far enough from the others so that they have enough space to grow. The exception is with the Māori, who do not get any land allocated to them. Civs' starting positions (that is, where their initial units are situated) will be distributed around the map according to their start biases. If a section has a lot of rainforest, it is likelier that Brazil will be placed there instead of Arabia. Start biases are ranked by tiers: the lower the tier, the stronger the bias. It is not guaranteed that each section will directly correlate with a civ, as the map generates without taking into consideration which civs are in the game.

Civilization Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
American (Civ6) American
Arabian (Civ6) Arabian
Australian (Civ6) Australian Coast Resources acquired through Pastures
Aztec (Civ6) Aztec
Brazilian (Civ6) Brazilian Jungle
Canadian (Civ6) Canadian Tundra

Tundra Hills


Snow Hills

Chinese (Civ6) Chinese
Cree (Civ6) Cree
Dutch (Civ6) Dutch Rivers Coast
Egyptian (Civ6) Egyptian Floodplains Rivers
English (Civ6) English Coast Coal


French (Civ6) French
Georgian (Civ6) Georgian
German (Civ6) German
Greek (Civ6) Greek Hills (except Snow)
Hungarian (Civ6) Hungarian Rivers Geothermal Fissure
Incan (Civ6) Incan Mountain (except Tundra and Snow) Mountain (Tundra and Snow)
Indian (Civ6) Indian
Indonesian (Civ6) Indonesian Coast
Japanese (Civ6) Japanese
Khmer (Civ6) Khmer Rivers
Kongolese (Civ6) Kongolese Jungle


Korean (Civ6) Korean Hills (except Snow)
Macedonian (Civ6) Macedonian
Mali (Civ6) Mali Desert

Desert Hills

Resources acquired through mines (except Uranium)
Māori (Civ6) Māori
Mapuche (Civ6) Mapuche Mountain (except Snow)
Mongolian (Civ6) Mongolian Horses
Norwegian (Civ6) Norwegian Coast Forest
Nubian (Civ6) Nubian Desert

Desert Hills

Mineable Resources
Ottoman (Civ6) Ottoman
Persian (Civ6) Persian
Phoenician (Civ6) Phoenician Coast
Polish (Civ6) Polish
Roman (Civ6) Roman
Russian (Civ6) Russian Tundra

Tundra Hills

Scottish (Civ6) Scottish
Scythian (Civ6) Scythian Horses Grassland


Spanish (Civ6) Spanish Coast
Sumerian (Civ6) Sumerian Rivers
Swedish (Civ6) Swedish
Zulu (Civ6) Zulu
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