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A State Improvement in the free game C-evo is a building that can exist in only one city per nation. (The later games in the Civ series have similar classes of building under other names.) You can replace it with one built in another city.

Some of them apply only in the city they are in. Others apply to all your cities.

A state improvement in a city you capture is immediately destroyed, with no compensation, even if you do not have a matching one already.

In Version 1.1.1 they are:

  • Palace - present in your first capital but can be rebuilt elsewhere; cost 75 (no maintenance cost); acts as Courthouse and Town Hall (allowing trade with no limit) there; its position determines Corruption factors under some governments
  • Great Wall - needs Engineering; cost 300 + 4 per turn; acts as a City Wall for all of your cities on the same continent (with polar regions not counting as part of the continent)
  • Colosseum - needs Construction; cost 150 + 4 per turn (the same as the total for temple, theater, and cathedral); gives each citizen one extra morale point
  • Observatory - needs Astronomy; cost 225 + 4 per turn; doubles research output
  • Military Academy - needs Tactics; cost 225 + 4 per turn; creates ground units that are already elite; doubles ground unit health up to 100%; obsoletes and sells Barracks
  • Command Bunker - needs Steel; cost 150 + 2 per turn; adds 100% (of the basic) to defenders' strength
  • Algae Plant - needs Synthetic Food; cost 90 + 2 per turn; adds 12 Food per turn to the city's production
  • Stock Exchange - needs The Corporation; cost 240 + 4 per turn; doubles effect of all Banks
  • Space Port - needs Space Flight; cost 300 (no maintenance cost); doubles all special resources; allows you to build a space ship (which you lose if the city is captured)

Purchase prices are not all the same in version 1.2.0.

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