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Stock Exchange (Civ2).png A Stock Exchange is a building in Civilization II that increases the Gold (currency) (Civ2).pnggold and Luxury (Civ2).pngluxury output of a City by an additional 50% (cumulative with a Marketplace and Bank, which must be present for this to be built).


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Civilopedia entry[]

In a free market economy, corporations often raise operating and development capital by selling "shares" in the corporation to private investors. These shares, which allow investors to share in the company's profits, were originally sold by brokers and privately hired auctioneers. Early European stock exchanges, such as the Paris Bourse, allowed anyone to buy and sell stock. However, it was quickly discovered that a formalized system was necessary in order to enforce transactions. Thereafter, membership in the exchange was required in order to buy and sell. The first formal stock exchange in the U.S. was established in 1791 in Philadelphia, and the New York Stock Exchange was established a year later. Today, stock exchanges are located in many major cities and commercial centers around the world. Private investment in corporations is vital to capitalistic economies, allowing corporations to grow more quickly than would otherwise be possible. The profits and new jobs created as a result improve the economy as a whole.

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