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Stone is a bonus resource in Civilization VI. It may be found on Grassland terrain.

Strategy Edit

Stone is one of the most widely available resources, found however only on Grassland terrain (flat and hilly). It may be priceless in the early game, not only because of the bonus Civ6Production Production it provides, but also because it allows construction of the Stonehenge Wonder! In the middle game its improvement, the Quarry, provides some additional Civ6Gold Gold for the city. And if you don't need this, and have better Civ6Production Production boosters, you can always Harvest the Stone to free the tile for redevelopment.

Civilopedia entry Edit

According to geologists, stone is “a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids.” Granite, for instance, is a mix of feldspar, biotite and quartz. The entire outer layer of the Earth’s crust is composed of rock. So, it isn’t surprising that “civilized” man has been using stone for constructions, tools, weapons, decorations, and paperweights since the – well – Stone Age.

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