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Stone Circles is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It provides +2 Civ6Faith Faith to all Quarry improvements.

Strategy Edit

Stone Circles is easily one of the best Civ6Faith Faith-producing pantheons. Not only is Stone (Civ6) Stone one of the most common Bonus Resources, but the quarriable resources (Stone (Civ6) Stone, Marble (Civ6) Marble and Gypsum (Civ6) Gypsum) tend to form groups of 2-3 instances. Even without building Stonehenge, players who choose this pantheon when they have a large number of potential Quarry sites will rapidly generate Civ6Faith Faith, which they can use to purchase a Great Prophet and be one of the first civilizations to found a religion.

If the appropriate resource is available to your Capital6 Capital and no other obvious choice is visible, Stone Circles is a safe go-to Pantheon. While this may delay your harvesting of Stone (Civ6) Stone resources until the extra Civ6Faith Faith has become too marginal, this is not necessarily a bad thing - it merely means that those resources will be used toward later-game buildings, or maybe not, as by then your Quarries may generate additional Civ6Gold Gold and/or Civ6Production Production enough to be valuable on their own.

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