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This page is used to submit and view strategies for beating Civilization Revolution.

Militia Rush[]

Submitted by bandanamosue of GameSpot:

"1. What is militia rush?

You start the game with a Settler. Move this settler to a location directly next to a barbarian village. Build your first city there.

Your military adviser will appear asking you if you want to make a Militia. Move the militia unit out of the village. Your military adviser will appear again, telling you that a militia has formed. Move the 2nd unit.

I usually make about 70 units. I use them for total area control of the map. They cannot attack, but they can defend.

Be sure to declare war on the first 2 or 3 civilizations you encounter. Because if you have peace they can teleport all your units out of their area.

2. What do you mean 'strategy report'?

I beat the game on 'Deity' using militia rush. Delhi was very close to me. I completely surrounded his only warrior with militia so it couldn't move. I also surrounded Delhi, thus cutting off their production. My militia were spreading across the map and had discovered a river or something. I used the gold to build warriors more quickly. I was able to attack Delhi with a warrior before they could build a second unit.

Next were the Mongols. I was able to isolate their warrior as well. I also completely surrounded their city. but they had time to make defensive units. So, I had to make a catapult army. Then I took out the Mongols. Also, I isolated all the barbarian villages so that the two remaining enemies could not get them before I did.

I sent out galleons to get all the artifacts. It took a few hours to build tanks and take out the other two enemies. That's all."

Note that the above strategy works in single player only. They must have fixed it for online.

Quick Rush[]

Submitted by Batrada:

"First make a city near a mountain, hill or forest. Then make a second city that has lots of gold production, e.g. near water or gems. Use the first city to build units and the second to make gold. This will help you be able to rush more units and expand."

Catapult, Cannon, Siege Units Protection[]

Submitted by Batrada:

"First form an archer army then make a catapult army. Move the archer army and catapult army together. The archers will protect and the catapult can siege. Beat an entire game using this strategy."