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The Stupa is an advanced religious building introduced to Civilization VI in the Fall 2017 Update. It is built in the Holy Site district and requires a Temple (or one of its replacements). It may also be purchased with Faith Faith.


This worship building provides an Amenity Amenity, allowing cities to grow faster and be more productive. Because of this, it is invaluable to warmongering civilizations who may need some more Amenities Amenities due to war weariness. However, if you have a lot of Luxuries, or the Colosseum, then the extra Amenity Amenity just becomes redundant.

Civilopedia entry[]

If you make your way to the Swat Valley, and find yourself in the village of Shingardar, you'll see a massive stone dome towering over the small town, itself dwarfed by the mountains behind both. This structure is a stupa, constructed by the Buddhist king of Swat between the Second and Third Centuries CE.

Buddhist kings weren't just partial to constructing giant domes just because they liked them—the stupas built throughout Asia were monuments, first appearing in India during the Fourth Century BCE.

Many stupas often contain relics related to Buddha, his life, and his disciples. Others, like the 108 Stupas of Ningxia in China, were built with some theological significance in mind or for their potential spiritual benefits.

While many have endured, history has been somewhat rough on the stupas of Asia: many have suffered damage to their domes as a result of conflict and calamity.

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