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The Suguba is a unique District District of the Malian civilization in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It replaces the Commercial Hub.


The following buildings can be constructed in a Suguba:



This unique district is similar to the Hansa and can be placed in the same way. If you found your cities only 4 tiles apart, you can easily place each Suguba between two Holy Sites and receive a +5 Gold Gold bonus (+2 from each Holy Site and +1 from having two adjacent districts). Place them on riverbanks for even better results.

The Suguba is the backbone of the Mali empire, as it is evident that the weakest point of Mali during the game is before Currency is unlocked. Aim for this technology as soon as possible and get up multiple Sugubas so your purchasing strategy can finally begin.

It is important that you promote either Reyna or Moksha (preferably both) so that you can straight up buy districts using Gold Gold and Faith Faith as soon as possible, even when the -30% Production Production does not affect building District Districts.

Civilopedia entry[]

In the Mande language, Suguba means "big market," and as the Malian empire was built on trade, one would naturally expect a bustling and vibrant market. Most of the cities of Mali have large market districts, crowded with vendors and customers. In the past, Malian gold and salt would have purchased a variety of goods from across Africa and Europe, which would have found their way into Malian markets.

Should you visit a Malian Suguba, bring a shopping list and be prepared to negotiate your prices (bargaining is expected, and to fail to do so would be to commit a serious faux pas). In addition to more mundane goods like food and electronics, you should keep an eye out for Mali's famous fabrics: Bazin and bogolanfini. Bazin is a lustrous, colorful fabric made by the methodical hammering of cotton cloth, much prized by fashion designers around the world. Malians are said to be discriminating connoisseurs of bazin. Bogolanfini is a mud-dyed fabric of warm browns, deep blacks, and sharp whites, first worn by hunters, but now an important cultural symbol for Mali.


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