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Surveillance Web
Surveillance Web (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 235 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Artificial Intelligence
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 City Hitpoints
-2 max Intrigue for this City
Notes None


The synergistic acquisition of data proposed by colonial cyberneticists led directly to the establishment of dynamic and “learning” surveillance systems for both external and internal monitoring. With a network of quantum computers evaluating the petabytes of information gathered from direct surveillance equipment (optical, audio and electromagnetic), interception of communications traffic, and from satellite, biometric and human assets, colonial settlements could react to counter everything from disease outbreaks to enemy attacks of every sort. The exact dimensions and parameters of monitoring by the surveillance webs vary dramatically from settlement to settlement. Some incorporate data mining and profiling; others include social network analysis monitoring corporations and private organizations. The most pervasive surveillance webs include mandatory radio frequency identification tagging of machines, robots, animals and humans to track movements and actions; global positioning systems extend such monitoring planetwide for those originating from the colony. Most surveillance webs were made emergent, capable of learning from feedback, thus becoming ever more sophisticated in analysis of input and independent in response. Depending on the programming parameters, response by the web upon determining a threat might be as narrow as informing the operators, or as deep as having autonomous latitude to mobilize and direct security, military, medical or emergency assets. Finally, some surveillance webs incorporate counter-surveillance and inverse surveillance subroutines in their programming, reactive to threats to the web itself.