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The civilization with the most Envoy6 Envoys on a city-state, and at least 3 Envoy6 Envoys, is considered that city-state's Suzerain. There can be only one Suzerain; ties are not allowed. If two or more civilizations have the same number of Envoy6 Envoys on a city-state, there is no Suzerain.

The Suzerain of a city-state gets several significant benefits.

Unique city-state bonusEdit

This is a powerful bonus which no other city-state will provide. For example, Buenos Aires will cause Bonus Resources to act as Luxuries and provide +1 Amenities6 Amenity per type, while Rapa Nui will allow the construction of the Moai, a unique tile improvement.


You gain vision of all tiles up to 3 from the city-state's borders, as well as the vision of its units.

Friendly territoryEdit

Inside the city-state's borders you literally feel "at home": you can Heal there at an accelerated rate and even Upgrade units.

Diplomatic allegianceEdit

The city-state will automatically follow its Suzerain into war and peace, matching the diplomatic state of the Suzerain. In Gathering Storm it will also provide +1 Diplomatic Favor (Civ6) Diplomatic Favor per turn to its Suzerain.

Diplomatic repercussionsEdit

If the city-state gets attacked by a third party, its Suzerain will immediately gain the Protectorate War Casus Belli against the aggressor. In Gathering Storm, the Suzerain will also gain Grievances (Civ6) Grievances against it.

Resource sharingEdit

All of the city-state's resources are automatically exported to the Suzerain, and the Suzerain may build tile improvements in their city-state's territory. Note that the Suzerain may make use of these resources, but may not (in the case of Luxuries) trade them to third parties.

Levying unitsEdit

When at war, the Suzerain may also pay Civ6Gold Gold to levy (i.e. take control of) the city-state's military units for 30 turns. The amount of Civ6Gold Gold that needs to be paid is equal to the total Civ6Production Production cost of all military units the city-state owns.

Other benefitsEdit

Pericles' leader ability gives him a 5% Civ6Culture Culture bonus for each city-state of which he is Suzerain.

Kilwa Kisiwani, a Medieval Era wonder in Rise and Fall, gives its owner a 15% yield bonus from any city-state of which he or she is the Suzerain (and an additional 15% yield bonus for being the Suzerain of more than one city-state of the same type).

The Országház, an Industrial Era wonder in Gathering Storm, gives its owner +100% Diplomatic Favor (Civ6) Diplomatic Favor per turn from starting a turn as Suzerain of a city-state.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement New Orleans Style Spanish Rice (Civ6)
New Orleans Style Spanish Rice
Become Suzerain of a City-State
Refers to the New Orleans Style Spanish Rice product from the company Zatarain's.
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