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The civilization with the most Envoy Envoys at a city-state, and at least 3 Envoy Envoys, is considered that city-state's Suzerain. There can be only one Suzerain; ties are not allowed. If two or more civilizations have the same number of Envoy Envoys at a city-state, there is no Suzerain.

The Suzerain of a city-state gets several significant benefits.

Unique city-state bonus[]

This is a powerful bonus which no other city-state will provide. For example, Buenos Aires will cause Bonus Resources to act as Luxuries and provide +1 Amenity Amenity per type, while Rapa Nui will allow the construction of the Moai, a unique tile improvement.


You gain vision of all tiles within and up to 3 hexes outside of the city-state's borders, as well as the vision of its units.

Friendly territory[]

Inside the city-state's borders your units are "at home." They can heal there at an accelerated rate and be upgraded.

Diplomatic allegiance[]

The city-state will automatically follow its Suzerain into war and peace, matching the diplomatic state of the Suzerain. In Gathering Storm it will also provide +1 Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor per turn to its Suzerain.

Diplomatic repercussions[]

If the city-state gets attacked by a third party, its Suzerain will immediately gain the Protectorate War Casus Belli against the aggressor. In Gathering Storm, the Suzerain will also gain Grievances Grievances against it.

Resource sharing[]

All of the city-state's resources are automatically exported to the Suzerain, and the Suzerain may build tile improvements in their city-state's territory. Note that the Suzerain may make use of these resources, but may not (in the case of Luxuries) trade them to third parties.

Levying units[]

The Suzerain may also pay Gold Gold to levy (i.e. take control of) the city-state's military units for 30 turns. The amount of Gold Gold that needs to be paid is equal to the total Production Production cost of all military units the city-state owns. Sumeria pays 50% less on levy costs.

It should be noted that levying units does not give the Suzerain control of any Builders or Settlers a city-state has captured, as those are civilian units.

Other benefits[]

Pericles' leader ability gives him a 5% Culture Culture bonus for each city-state of which he is Suzerain.

Kilwa Kisiwani, a Medieval Era wonder in Rise and Fall, gives its owner a 15% yield bonus from any city-state of which he or she is the Suzerain (and an additional 15% yield bonus for being the Suzerain of more than one city-state of the same type).

The Országház, an Industrial Era wonder in Gathering Storm, gives its owner +100% Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor per turn from starting a turn as Suzerain of a city-state.

Related achievements[]

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New Orleans Style Spanish Rice
Become Suzerain of a City-State.
Refers to the New Orleans Style Spanish Rice product from the company Zatarain's.
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