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Symphonies is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

Symphonies is the first and only policy that provides points toward earning Great Musicians. The first ones don't start appearing until the Industrial Era, and buildings with slots for their GreatWorkMusic6 Great Works of Music don't become available until the Modern Era, but the +4 bonus to Musician6 Great Musician points will help you attract all the Musicians you need to fill the empty slots in your Broadcast Centers and wonders in short order.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Although the first symphonies – instrumental works in three or four movements scored for large orchestras – appeared in the early 1600s, it was during the 18th Century that they took on the form known today. The aristocracy, followed by the rising affluent middle-class, became fans of these extended pieces of music in cultural centers such as Vienna, Milan, and Paris, performed in 100-piece ensembles of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Sponsors devoted fortunes to helping aspiring composers, and symphonies came to play a highly visible role in public life in Europe. In the early 19th Century, Beethoven – among others – elevated the symphony even more, from a popular but common genre to supreme musical artwork. It remains so to this day.

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