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Synthetic Composites is a technology in the Final Frontier mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Synthetic Composites allows the construction of the Espionage-performing Alpha Stealth Ship Unit and the Star Fortress Building, giving Star Systems additional defensive bonuses. It also unlocks the Technocracy Policy, which provides a civ with additional research.

Civilopedia entry[]

The discovery of Synthetic 10c, known colloquially as "The Emperor's Clothes" or "TEC," led to a great leap forward in space combat. This ultra-light and extremely durable synthetic material bore two invaluable features: the ability to reseal itself, slowly closing off air leaks in case of a breach, and, with the proper magnetic charge, the ability to reflect various forms of radiation, including light and infrared waves, in such a way that made its bearer nigh-invisible. The exorbitant cost of TEC made its application to ships rare, but the material's protective capabilities gave rise to the first successful Star Fortresses, which required a variety of advanced technologies to maintain optimum efficiency far from any Star System. The overwhelming demand for TEC, with entire Star Systems dedicating themselves to a cheaper method of manufacturing it, was one of the integral factors to the implementation of a new governmental system based on the principals of the IASR - the Technocracy.