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"Did you ever build a castle in the air? Here is one, brought down to earth and fixed for the wonder of ages."
–Bayard Taylor
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The Taj Mahal is a Renaissance Era Wonder in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It must be built next to a River.

  • Effects:
    • +1 Era Score from Historic Moment earned after this wonder is complete if that Moment is usually worth 2 or more Era Score.

Strategy Edit

The Taj Mahal increases the value of Historic Moments its owner triggers, making it easier for him or her to maintain Golden Ages as they advance through the eras. Georgia's bonuses to Golden Ages make this a wonder they'll want to build, and they or any other civilization that builds it can benefit greatly from choosing Heartbeat of Steam or To Arms! as a Dedication, since both of these provide opportunities to earn +2 Era Score bonuses.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahān had many wives, but Mumtāz Mahal (his third wife) was by far his favorite. After Mahal died in childbirth in 1631, Jahān immortalized his beloved with the grandest mausoleum he could imagine. The Taj Mahal’s construction required 20,000 laborers working for two decades. No mere tomb, the structure also housed a mosque and even a guesthouse—presumably for guests who preferred not to rest in a tomb.

Jahān would not have long to appreciate the labors of 20,000 laborers. A violent succession struggle amongst his sons saw him placed under house arrest shortly after the Taj Mahal’s completion. Until his death in 1666, Jahān need only look out the window to observe his creation: the four tall minarets, the giant domed building seeming to fill the sky—all built with brick-in-lime mortar, red sandstone, and marble. The temple to Jahān’s love for Mahal still stands in India.

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Civilization VI- Rise and Fall - Taj Mahal (Wonder Movies)

Civilization VI- Rise and Fall - Taj Mahal (Wonder Movies)

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