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It says "The CNDR can be either a highly resilient defensive unit or flexible multipurpose unit". What does that mean exactly? Why not just say "it can take damage and deal it out"? It does not have any range attack, its just a simple melee unit with nothing but one purpose. Do damage and take damage. I got rid of the part about the Angel unit that says "is remarkably mobile yet potent multipurpose ranged unit that has the distinction of being the only unit in the game with equal ranged and melee strength". It can walk over cavernous terrain, and it can attack one space, that's it. Having the same range and melee strength doesn't matter, when its the same attack. Its a melee unit that just happens to be classified as a range unit so it can't capture cities on its own. Dream Focus 05:19, November 30, 2014 (UTC)

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