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The Tank is a unit in Call to Power II.


Modern Age flanking unit.


Superior Attack and Ranged Attack capabilities make the Tank the most powerful Modern Age land-based unit in the game. Its versatility, speed and power comprise one of the most effective tools of military conquest you have at your command.

Great Library entry[]

The primary thrust behind early tank developments was the quest for a well-armored assault vehicle that could effectively cross the muddy, uneven terrain of the World War I trench battle zones. Armed with large bore guns and light cannon, they could strike both infantry units and reinforced installations, delivering explosive damage. The Germans and Soviets were at the forefront of tank research throughout the Second World War, when tank warfare underwent its most rapid development.

Germany's tank force was initially the most effective, due to its organization into rapid-moving formations that delivered unprecedented assault power. During the first two years of battle, 1939-41, the German tank units suffered no major setbacks. In 1943, Germany introduced the Panther tank. Armed with a 75-mm gun with more than twice the muzzle velocity of its predecessor, the Panther had great armor-piercing capabilities. They also introduced the formidable Tiger tank, with an 88-mm gun. The Soviet Union was the only allied force to meet the Germans head on. In 1944, they rolled out the Josef Stalin tank, armed with a 122-mm low-velocity gun.

After World War II, tanks were designed primarily to fight other tanks. Armies equipped them with larger, increasingly accurate guns, stronger, heavier armor and engines that were more powerful. Modern battle tanks weigh as much as 50 tons, but possess engines of strength, making them capable of road speeds of 30-40 mph.


  • In the Modern Times Mod, the Battle Tank is a renamed Tank. This mod also introduces some Tank variants, such as the T 34/85 and the King Tiger.

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