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Ground unit

A/D 10/6
Moves 3
Cost 50
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes


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The Tank is the latest and greatest ballistic unit in Civilization Revolution.

Unit AnalysisEdit

"Faster and more powerful than any other land unit in the game, Tanks should be the crux of every modern fighting force." -Official gameplay description

Tanks have an attack of 10 and defense of 6, making them very versatile. This adds up to an amazing 30 attack and 18 defense for an Army of Tanks.

It is time-consuming and costly but advantageous to build Tanks. They have a cost of 50 resources, which is equal to Stonehenge. Tanks require Combustion to be built, so Oil should be mined for a new production boost.

Unique ReplacementsEdit

American Tanks are replaced by the Sherman Tank.

German Tanks are replaced by the Panzer Tank.

Russian Tanks are replaced by the T34 Tank.

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