Reyna (Financier) (Civ6)

Tax Collector is an additional title for Reyna the Financier.

Tax Collector is a Level 2 title for Reyna, a Governor in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, requiring Harbormaster or Foreign Exchange. In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, it requires Harbormaster or Forestry Management.


+2 Civ6Gold Gold per turn for each Citizen6 Citizen in the city.

Civilopedia entryEdit

One of only two inevitabilities in the human condition, tax collectors are some of the state’s most important and least popular employees. Without the revenue to fund state operations, many public goods would not be possible. Methods for collecting taxes throughout history have ranged from the relatively benign to the outrageous. Assume that your Governor with this skill manages to do so without raising the popular ire.

Civilization VI Governors [edit]

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GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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