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A tax rate in Civilization II determines the conversion rate of Trade (Civ2).pngTrade into Luxury (Civ2).pngLuxuries, Beaker (Civ2).pngScience and Gold (currency) (Civ2).pngGold.

Maximum Tax Rate[]

The maximum tax rate, the highest percentage of trade, luxuries, or science that can be set by any Civilization, is determined by the Government a faction chooses.

Civilization II Maximum Tax Rates

Maximum Tax Rate

Anarchy 60%
Despotism 60%
Monarchy 70%
Republic 80%
Communism 80%
Fundamentalism 80%
Democracy 100%


At the beginning of the game, a good strategy would be to set the science rate as high as you can get it to get as far in the technology tree as you can. When playing on higher difficulty levels, players need to raise their luxury pretty quickly, or else your cities will fall into civil disorder.

Tax rates generally can be low for most of the game, so long as maintenance costs outweigh the income coming in. Players might consider creating tax collectors rather than raising the tax rate in situations where taxes are tight. Be careful not to remove citizens that are on high trade tiles because losing trade could nullify any extra tax a tax collector might raise.

Republics and Democracies usually will have higher luxury rates compared to other governments. Democracies and Republics might have lower science and tax rates, but when managed correctly, they make up for it with the extra trade bonuses they get. Having a high luxury rate can be a viable strategy for all governments because very happy cities celebrate We Love the King Day.

In the late game when the tech tree is maxed out, dropping the science rate and raising the tax rate is a very effective way of waging economic warfare. Very rich civilizations can literally buy cities with spies subverting cities all over enemy and allied territories. Players must be careful with this strategy because cities and units in Democracies are immune to bribery and so are capital cities. Also inciting revolts rather than subverting cities will lead to international incidents which could lead to a Democracy or a Republic to fall into anarchy.

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