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The Tech Web is a feature in Civilization: Beyond Earth, which represents the possibilities for technological development of your colony. Unlike previous Civilization games which featured linear tech trees, the tech web branches off radially in several directions. Higher tier techs again require lower tier techs to be developed first, but because of the web - style of organization, even the most sophisticated technologies are accessible after you develop only 5 - 6 lesser technologies.

Tech web (Rising Tide).jpg

See this image for tech web before the release of Rising Tide

Tree Analysis[edit | edit source]

In Civilization Beyond Earth the technologies are divided in two types:

  • Branch or Primary technology: this is a main line of development, representing a broader approach to some subject. In the web branch techs are shown bigger, and always at the top of a technology 'cluster'. Branch technologies are required to advance and unlock higher tier technologies - this is illustrated in the web by the lines connecting the main techs (branch techs). Note, however, that unlike Civilization V, you don't need all lesser technologies to unlock a greater one - you just need one! At the same time, researching a branch technology also unlocks several deeper technologies, also known as 'leaf' techs. Branch techs enable access to main units and abilities, important Buildings, etc.
  • Leaf or Secondary technology: this is a more focused technology, concentrating on a deeper development of some aspect of the broader branch tech. Each leaf technology can only be researched after its branch technology has been researched. Leaf techs appear smaller than branch techs, and immediately underneath them; note, however, that the order in which leaf technologies appear underneath doesn't show any precedence, or further dependence: once you have unlocked the branch tech, you can research any tech in its cluster, regardless of where it's found. Leaf techs often allow Affinity advancement, and unlock affinity-specific units. Also, most high-level buildings and Wonders are unlocked in leaf techs.

In Civilization V, icons in each technology node are ordered from left to right: Units, City Buildings, Wonders, Revealed Resources, Tile Improvements, Abilities, Projects. Beyond Earth appears to preserve this order, with the addition of a +Affinity Points type, which appears to the left of Units.

Unit icons are monochromatic and borderless. Building icons have an octagonal border, and Wonder icons have a crescent border. Abilities appear as a star in a circle. Resource icons appear in color in a dark circle. Tile improvements appear borderless, but have a deeper color shade than units.

This illustrator will give you a good overview of the Tech Web:

List of Technologies[edit | edit source]

Civilization Beyond Earth: Rising Tide Technologies[1]
Tier Branch Technology[2] Science
Harmony Purity Supremacy Improvements[3] Units Notes
0 Habitation Habitation 60 Researched at start
Pioneering 95 Available as the Laboratory Cargo option at start
Planetary Survey 95 Allows Aquatic Cities to move over Ocean.[5]
1 Chemistry Chemistry 115 Allows workers to build Petroleum Wells

Reveals Petroleum Petroleum

Biochemistry 300
Ecology Ecology 115 Allows Workers to clear Miasma
Geophysics 300 Allows Workers to build Geothermal Wells.
Reveals Geothermal Geothermal on the map.
Alien Biology 300 Grants Workers immunity to Miasma
Engineering Engineering 115 7

Reveals Titanium Titanium

Power Systems 300 20 Improves the Energy Energy output of Geothermal Wells and the Production Production output of Quarries
Defense Grid 300
Genetics Genetics 115 7
Alien Lifeforms 300 20

Improves the Culture Culture output of Paddocks
Allows Explorer units to use the Leash Alien ability

Genetic Mapping 300 Improves the Culture Culture output of Paddocks
Physics Physics 115 7
Ballistics 300 20
2 Alien Sciences Alien Sciences 455 7 Allows Workers to build Xenomass Wells
Alien Adaptation 925 20 Improves the Food Food output of Work Barges
Alien Ecology 925 Allows Workers to add Miasma
Computing Computing 455 7 7
Autonomous Systems 925 20 Allows Workers to build Nodes
Transcendental Math 925 20 Allows discovery of the Transcendental Equation and commencement of the Contact Victory
Genetic Design Genetic Design 455 7
Alien Genetics 925 20 Improves the Culture Culture output of Biowells and the Science Science output of Xenomass Wells
Robotics Robotics 455 7 7 Allows Workers to build Firaxite Mines and Manufactories
Tactical Robotics 925 20
Swarm Robotics 925 20 Improves the Food Food output of Fisheries
3 Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence 925 7 7
Synthetic Thought 1390 20
Swarm Intelligence 1390 20 Required to complete the Harmony Transcendence victory
Biology Biology 925 Improves the Science Science output of Bed ties
Vertical Farming 1390 Improves the Energy Energy and Food Food output of Farms
Bionics Bionics 925 7 7 Allows Workers to build Biowells
Servomachinery 1390 20
Tissue Engineering 1390 20 Allows units to heal faster.
Improves the Science Science output of Work Barges
Cognition Cognition 925 7

Allows workers to build Academies

Collaborative Thought 1390 20
Communications Communications 925
Orbital Networks 1390 Allows Workers to build the Arrays
Required for the Supremacy Emancipation and Purity Promised Land victories
Fabrication Fabrication 925 7 Allows Workers to build Domes
Civil Support 1390 20 Allows Workers to upgrade roads into Magrails
Organics Organics 925 7

Improves the Energy Energy output of Generators

Photosystems 1390 20 Improves the Food Food output of Plantations
Terraforming Terraforming 925 7 7 Workers to build Terrascapes and Floatstone Quarries
Biospheres 1390 20 Improves the Energy Energy output of Domes.
Carries over 10% of a City's Food Food after City Growth
Climate Control 1390 20
4 Alien Ethics Alien Ethics 1390 7
Alien Domestication 2185 20 Improves the Culture Culture output of Xenomass Wells.
Allows the Leash Alien ability to be used on Colossal alien lifeforms
Mechatronics Mechatronics 1390 7 7
Mobile LEV 2185 20 Improves the Energy Energy output of Sea Wells
Ballistic LEV 2185 20
Transgenics Transgenics 1390 7 7 7 Required to complete the Harmony Transcendence victory
Protogenetics 2185 20 20 Improves the Culture Culture output of Academies
Alien Hybridization 2185 20
5 Artificial Evolution Artificial Evolution 2975 7 Improves the Science Science output of Farms
Alien Evolution 3860 20
Alien Materials 3860
Astrodynamics Astrodynamics 2975 Improves the Science Science output of Arrays
Orbital Automation 3860
Dark Networks 3860
Augmentation Augmentation 2975 7
Surrogacy 3860 20 Increases Worker construction speed
Bioengineering Bioengineering 2975 7
Industrial Ecology 3860 Improves the Production Production output of Farms
Biometallurgy 3860 20 Improves the Energy Energy output Mines
Cybernetics Cybernetics 2975 7 7
Autogyros 3860 20
Metamaterials 3860 20
Field Theory Field Theory 2975 7
Exotic Matter 3860 20
Hypercomputing Hypercomputing 2975 7 7 Improves the Science Science output of Nodes
Required for the Supremacy Emancipation victory
Hyperconductors 3860 20
Neural Uploading 3860 20
Nanotechnology Nanotechnology 2975 7 7 Required to complete the Purity Promised Land victory
Tactical LEV 3860 20
Nanorobotics 3860 20 Improves the Science Science output of your Manufactories
Required to complete the Harmony Transcendence victory
Planetary Engineering Planetary Engineering 2975 7 7 Improves the Production Production output of Generators
Geoscaping 3860 20
Seismic Induction 3860 20
Social Dynamics Social Dynamics 2975 7 7
Human Idealism 3860
Human Conservation 3860 20
Euthenics 3860 20
Synergetics Synergetics 2975 7
Designer Lifeforms 3860 20

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This table is based on the Rising Tide tech web
  2. Techs in bold are the branch technologies, and non-bolded techs are leaf technologies. Leaf technologies have the same image as their branch counterparts.
  3. Bolded improvements are Wonders
  4. 4.0 4.1 Thermohaline Rudder in the original Rising Tide expansion was unlocked by Ecology rather than Planetary Survey. This was changed in the October 2015 patch
  5. Planetary Survey in the original Rising Tide expansion provided the ability Amphibious Trade. This abilty allowed trade vessels to cross land and trade convoys to cross water. This abiility was provided by default in the October 2015 patch
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