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Technologies represent new scientific advancements or inventions for your civilization. Each technology you research unlocks new buildings, units, or other advancements, and expands the power of your nation.

Technologies are developed through a continuous research process, the key to which is the Civ6Science Science stat. However, they can also be "hurried" through Eureka6 Eureka moments. For more info on that, check the Science article.

The Tech Tree Edit

Tech Tree (Civ6)

The Vanilla Tech Tree. Click to zoom.

Civ6 R&F Technologies

The Rise & Fall Tech Tree. Click to zoom.

Civ6 GS Technologies

The Gathering Storm Tech Tree. Click to zoom.

Similarly to previous games in the series, technologies are organized into a "tech tree," which means that certain technologies are prerequisites for others. Technologies which are available for research appear dark gray, while the ones not yet available appear light gray. Technologies which have been researched already appear teal. In most cases, all technologies form a continuous system, where each one is connected to others, both lower down and higher up the tree. Unlike previous games, you can now advance continuously in some areas, while leaving behind other areas (i.e. not all areas of the tree are connected to each other, and are thus not required for advancement). However, if you're striving for a Scientific Victory, you will have to develop the entire tree.

Also, there are a few technologies that do not lead further up the tree, which are known as "leaf techs." You can disregard these techs if you have no particular use for them - for example, Celestial Navigation is a leaf tech, and if you have a landlocked civilization you may not need it at all.

Unlike previous games, the technological tree is not the sole means of advancement for a civilization! There are now two separate development trees: a 'scientific tree', focused only on the civilization's technological development, for things like tools, techniques, machines and weapons; and a 'civic tree', focused on a civilization's social and political development. Thus, a civilization has to advance in two separate trees at the same time.

Era progress bar Edit

Underneath the Tech tree itself the scroll area also contains the Tech progress bar, which depicts the overall progress of the game (with the current turn marked on the bar), and where approximately each civilization stands in terms of tech development. You will see a number of circles on the bar, each one marking one or more civilizations. A circle marking a single civ bears its leader's portrait, and one marking multiple civs a number; scroll over each circle to see the exact Tech Era it shows, and (if case it shows multiple civs) which leaders are currently in it. This way, you can have a good idea of where each civ stands in terms of development, compared to the other civs.

Below are the techs from the 'scientific tree'. To take a look at the civic tree, head here.

List of technologiesEdit

Ancient Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Pottery (Civ6)
None None Granary, Mekewap (Cree only), Great Bath
Animal Husbandry (Civ6)
Animal Husbandry
None None Pasture, Camp, Kurgan (Scythia only)
Mining (Civ6)
None None Mine, Quarry
Sailing (Civ6)
None Found a city on the Coast Fishing Boats, Galley, Viking Longship (Harald Hardrada only)
Astrology (Civ6)
None Find a Natural Wonder Holy Site, Lavra (Russia only), Shrine, Stonehenge
Irrigation (Civ6)
Pottery Farm a resource Plantation, Stepwell (India only), Hanging Gardens
Writing (Civ6)
Pottery Meet another civilization Campus, Library, Seowon (Korea only)
Archery (Civ6)
Animal Husbandry Kill a unit with a Slinger Archer, Pítati Archer (Nubia only), Temple of Artemis
Masonry (Civ6)
Mining Build a Quarry

Battering Ram, Ancient Walls, Pyramids, Great Wall (China only), Nubian Pyramid (Nubia only), Canal (Qin Shi Huang's China only)

Bronze Working (Civ6)
Bronze Working
Mining Kill 3 Barbarians Encampment, Barracks, Basilikoi Paides (Macedon only), Spearman, Hoplite (Greece only), Ikanda (Zulu only)
Wheel (Civ6)
Mining Mine a resource Heavy Chariot, Maryannu Chariot Archer (Egypt only), Water Mill

Classical Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Celestial Navigation (Civ6)
Celestial Navigation


Improve 2 Sea Resources Harbor, Royal Navy Dockyard (England only), Lighthouse, Great Lighthouse
Currency (Civ6)
Writing Make a Trade Route Commercial Hub, Market, Sukiennice (Poland only)
Horseback Riding (Civ6)
Horseback Riding
Animal Husbandry Build a Pasture Horseman, Saka Horse Archer (Scythia only), Varu (India only), Stable, Hetairoi (Macedon only), Ordu (Mongolia only)
Iron Working (Civ6)
Iron Working
Bronze Working Build an Iron Mine Swordsman, Ngao Mbeba (Kongo only), Legion (Rome only), Immortal (Persia only), Hypaspist (Macedon only), Jebel Barkal
Shipbuilding (Civ6)
Sailing Own 2 Galleys Quadrireme, Kampung (Indonesia only), Colossus
Mathematics (Civ6)
Currency Build 3 Specialty Districts Petra
Construction (Civ6)
Horseback Riding
Build a Water Mill Lumber Mill, Hetairoi (Alexander only), Nubian Pyramid (Nubia only), Terracotta Army
Engineering (Civ6)
Wheel Build Ancient Walls Catapult, Aqueduct, Bath (Rome only), Machu Picchu

Medieval Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Military Tactics (Civ6)
Military Tactics
Mathematics Kill a unit with a Spearman Pikeman, Samurai (Japan only), Berserker (Norway only), Huey Teocalli
Buttress (Civ6)
Buttress (GS-Only)


Build a Classical Era or later Wonder Dam, Hagia Sophia
Apprenticeship (Civ6)

Horseback Riding

Build 3 Mines Industrial Zone, Hansa (Germany only), Workshop
Stirrups (Civ6)
Horseback Riding (GS-Only)


Have the Feudalism civic Knight, Mamluk (Arabia only)
Machinery (Civ6)
Iron Working
Own 3 Archers Siege Tower, Crossbowman, Crouching Tiger (China only)
Education (Civ6)
Earn a Great Scientist University, Hagia Sophia (Vanilla and R&F-Only), University of Sankore
Military Engineering (Civ6)
Military Engineering
Construction Build an Aqueduct Military Engineer, Domrey (Khmer only), Armory
Castles (Civ6)
Construction Have a government with 6 policy slots (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Adopt a government with 6 inherent policy slots (GS-Only)

Courser, Black Army (Hungary only) (GS-Only), Medieval Walls, Alhambra

Renaissance Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Cartography (Civ6)
Shipbuilding (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Buttress (GS-Only)

Build 2 Harbors Caravel
Mass Production (Civ6)
Mass Production
Shipbuilding (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Buttress (GS-Only)

Military Tactics (GS-Only)

Build a Lumber Mill Shipyard, Venetian Arsenal
Banking (Civ6)
Have the Guilds civic Bank, Great Zimbabwe
Gunpowder (Civ6)
Military Engineering
Build an Armory Musketman, Conquistador (Spain only)
Printing (Civ6)
Machinery Build 2 Universities Forbidden City
Square Rigging (Civ6)
Square Rigging
Cartography Kill a unit with a Musketman Frigate
Astronomy (Civ6)
Education Build a University next to a Mountain Potala Palace
Metal Casting (Civ6)
Metal Casting
Gunpowder Own 2 Crossbowmen Bombard, Pike and Shot
Siege Tactics (Civ6)
Siege Tactics
Castles Own 2 Bombards Renaissance Walls, Fort

Industrial Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Industrialization (Civ6)
Mass Production

Square Rigging

Build 3 Workshops Factory, Electronics Factory (Japan only), Ruhr Valley
Scientific Theory (Civ6)
Scientific theory
Astronomy Have The Enlightenment civic Oxford University
Ballistics (Civ6)
Metal Casting Have 2 Forts in your territory Field Cannon
Military Science (Civ6)
Military Science
Siege Tactics
Kill a unit with a Knight Cavalry, Cossack (Russia only), Garde Imperiale (France only), Redcoat (Victoria only), Military Academy
Steam Power (Civ6)
Steam Power
Square Rigging
Build 2 Shipyards IroncladCanalPanama Canal 
Sanitation (Civ6)
Scientific Theory Build 2 Neighborhoods Sewer, MedicOrszaghaz
Economics (Civ6)
Metal Casting
Scientific Theory
Build 2 Banks Stock Exchange, Big Ben
Rifling (Civ6)
Military Science
Build a Niter Mine Ranger, Rough Rider (Teddy Roosevelt only)

Modern Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Flight (Civ6)
Scientific Theory
Build an Industrial era or later wonder Airstrip, Aerodrome, Hangar, Biplane, Observation Balloon
Replaceable Parts (Civ6)
Replaceable Parts
Economics Own 3 Musketmen Infantry, Digger (Australia only)
Steel (Civ6)
Rifling Build a Coal Mine Battleship (Vanilla and R&F-Only), Artillery, Eiffel Tower
Refining (Civ6)
Refining (GS-Only)
Rifling Build two Coal Power Plants Battleship, Oil Well
Electricity (Civ6)
Steam Power Own 3 Privateers Submarine, U-Boat (Germany only), Power Plant, Seaport
Radio (Civ6)
Steam Power
Build a National Park Seaside Resort, Broadcast Center, Film Studio (America only)
Chemistry (Civ6)
Sanitation (GS-Only)

Replaceable Parts

Complete a Research Agreement AT Crew, Research Lab
Combustion (Civ6)

Refining (GS-Only)
Rifling (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Extract an Artifact6 Artifact Oil Well (Vanilla and R&F-Only), Tank, Supply ConvoyGolden Gate Bridge

Atomic Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Advanced Flight (Civ6)
Advanced Flight
Radio Build 3 Biplanes Fighter, Bomber, P-51 Mustang (America only), Airport
Rocketry (Civ6)
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Missile Silo, Spaceport, Launch Earth Satellite (first step toward Science Victory)
Advanced Ballistics (Civ6)
Advanced Ballistics
Replaceable Parts
Build 2 Power Plants Machine Gun, Anti-air Gun
Combined Arms (Civ6)
Combined Arms
Build an Airstrip (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Have 3 Armies or Armadas (GS-Only)

Destroyer, Aircraft Carrier
Plastics (Civ6)
Combustion Build an Oil Well Offshore Oil Rig, Spec Ops
Computers (Civ6)
Electricity Have a government with 8 policy slots (Vanilla and R&F-Only)

Adopt a government with 8 inherent policy slots (GS-Only)

DroneFlood Barrier
Nuclear Fission (Civ6)
Nuclear Fission
Advanced Ballistics
Combined Arms
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Manhattan Project, Build Nuclear Device
Synthetic Materials (Civ6)
Synthetic Materials
Plastics Build 2 Aerodromes Helicopter

Information Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Telecommunications (Civ6)
Computers Build 2 Broadcast Centers Nuclear Submarine
Satellites (Civ6)
Advanced Flight
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Mechanized Infantry, Launch Moon Landing (second step towards Science Victory)
Guidance Systems (Civ6)
Guidance Systems
Advanced Ballistics
Kill a Fighter Rocket Artillery, Mobile SAM
Lasers (Civ6)
Nuclear Fission Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Jet Fighter, Missile Cruiser
Composites (Civ6)
Synthetic Materials Own 3 Tanks Modern Armor, Modern AT
Stealth Technology (Civ6)
Stealth Technology
Synthetic Materials Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Jet Bomber
Robotics (Civ6)
Computers Satellites (GS-Only)

Guidance Systems (GS-Only)

Lasers (GS-Only)

Have the Globalization civic Launch Mars Habitation (1/3 of the final step of the Science Victory),

Giant Death Robot (GS-Only)

Nuclear Fusion (Civ6)
Nuclear Fusion
Lasers Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Launch Mars Reactor (1/3 of the final step of the Science Victory),
Operation Ivy, Build Thermonuclear Device
Nanotechnology (Civ6)
Composites Build an Aluminum Mine Launch Mars Hydroponics (1/3 of the final step of the Science Victory)
Future Tech (Civ6)
Future Tech*
Robotics (Vanilla and R&F-Only)
Nuclear Fusion (Vanilla and R&F-Only)
Nanotechnology (Vanilla and R&F-Only)
N/A Can be completed multiple times, increasing your points towards the Score Victory

* This technology will appear in the following era if you have Gathering Storm installed.

Future Era Edit

Main article: Future Era (Civ6)

Note that this era of technology, unlike all other eras, is semi-randomised: all 7 technologies will appear in the game; however, the prerequisites to unlock them (and thus, how the tech tree looks in this era) vary each time.

The exact Civ6Science Science costs of Future Era technologies will also vary based on the exact tech tree structure, with earlier techs costing less than base cost and later techs costing more.

Technology Eureka Unlocks
Advanced AI (Civ6)
Advanced AI
Boost through Spy Giant Death Robot upgrade: Drone Air Defense
(+100 Anti-Air Strength (Civ6) Anti-Air Strength)
Advanced Power Cells (Civ6)
Advanced Power Cells
Boost through Spy Giant Death Robot upgrade: Particle Beam Siege Cannon
(Ranged attacks against cities and encampments are 100% effective and gain +30 Civ6RangedStrength Ranged Strength)
Cybernetics (Civ6)
Boost through Spy Giant Death Robot upgrade: Enhanced Mobility
(+3 Civ6Movement Movement, can perform a Jump action to cross over mountain terrain)
Offworld Mission (Civ6)
Offworld Mission
Boost through Spy Lagrange Laser Station

Terrestrial Laser Station

Predictive Systems (Civ6)
Predictive Systems
Boost through Spy Offshore Wind Farm
Seasteads (Civ6)
Boost through Spy Seastead

(Also awards 1 Diplomatic Victory point)

Smart Materials (Civ6)
Smart Materials
Boost through Spy Exoplanet Expedition

Giant Death Robot upgrade: Reinforced Armor Plating
(+10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength when defending against land and naval units)

Research CostEdit

The base cost of each technology (and its cost modified by the current game speed) is displayed in-game. It ranges from 25 Civ6Science Science for the first technologies to 2600 Civ6Science Science for the most advanced ones.

The Civ6Science Science costs of technologies from an earlier era relative to the World Era are reduced by 20%, while those of technologies from a later era are increased by 20%.[1]

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Archimedes Bath (Civ6)
Archimedes Bath
Get 5 Tech boosts in 1 turn
Legend tells that Archimedes, upon noticing the displacement of water in his bath, exclaimed 'Eureka!' as he realized it was directly proportional to the volume of his body as it was submerged.
Steam achievement Future is Now (Civ6)
Future is Now
Be the first to complete all the technologies in the Future Era in a game with 8 or more players
Either a refernce to the song 'The Future Is Now' by Non Phixon, or a reference to a popular internet meme 'The Future IS Now, Old Man' from the TV series 'Malcolm In The Middle' (S3E10).

References Edit

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Advanced BallisticsAdvanced FlightCombined ArmsComputersNuclear FissionPlasticsRocketrySynthetic Materials


CompositesGuidance SystemsLasersNanotechnologyNuclear FusionRoboticsSatellitesStealth TechnologyTelecommunications

Future GS-Only

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* Future Tech is an Information Era technology until the Gathering Storm expansion.

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