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For quick links to civ5 articles. Example :




While it will work by transclusion as-is, it should generally should be substituted into the page by adding subst, eg {{subst:Link5|Fish}}. This will add the formatted link to the article, replacing the template and making the page simpler to process.

Other notes

  • It is possible to call it in shorthand as "{{l5}}", for example {{subst:l5|Fish}} will still produce the above result.
  • It does not work for subsections (which should be formatted as "parameter (Civ5)#foo" instead of "parameter#foo (Civ5)") nor renaming (eg non-standard plurals, such as titling a link as "Militiamen" instead of Militiaman). For the meantime, these should be written in full.
  • This template has been combined with Template:Icon5 and generates the link Template:PageIcon5 .

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