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This template displays headings, links, and optionally other detail for an overview page for an entity that exists in more than one game. It creates three sections:
  1. If the particular article exists, it will be listed in the top section of the page with optional summary text.
  2. If there is no existing article, the potential article name is listed in a second section "Other games," under a heading that says "Spaceship is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following...".
  3. Finally, there is a "Not in the following games" section, where the topic is known not to exist. Entries will only appear here when "no" is set as a parameter after a game's abbreviation. The text "It has been confirmed that Spaceship is not present in..." is placed at the start of the section.
For the simplest use, just add {{overview}} after any desired introduction. You may append a category such as Category:Units.

To add more than the standard headings and links, expand as follows (either neatly like this or all in one line!):

|civ1 = 
|civ2 = 
|civ3 = 
|civ4 = 
|civ5 = 
|civ6 = 
|civbe = 
|civrev = 
|civrev2 = 
|freeciv = 
|ctp1 = 
|ctp2 = 
|cevo = 
|col = 
|freecol = 
|c4c = 
|smac = 
|starships =

If you know that the feature is not present in a particular game, you may add "no" after "=", which will show the game name, and what its article would have been, in the final section.

Any text (except "no") entered into any parameter (i.e., straight after an "=" sign) will be printed to the page as-is. Best kept to a couple of lines indicating what's distinctive compared with other games. A heading is created even if you leave the parameter empty.

Where the software detects that there is no matching article for a particular game (but the parameter has not been definitively set to "no") that game's potential page will be listed in the "Other games" section, along with a link to create that page.

If someone has used the simple version and you want to add detail about just a few games, you may just insert the appropriate lines from the above template. So it might look like {{overview|civ1=It is the cheapest strong defender, unlike the one in Civ2.|col=no|c4c=no}}

Examples of use
See Spaceship for the simple version. See for an example of how to set out detail where wanted - and it is maybe an example of putting too much detail on an overview page.
Differences in page names
If the actual game uses a different word, such as "Warriors" instead of "Warrior", you need to create the page that this template points to, and make it a "Redirect" to the actual game article.
Complete logic of what it does
  • A section is included for each game if the field for the game is not "=no", which indicates that the feature is not present in that game.
  • If there is any other coding or none specific to that game, it gives EITHER:
    • "Main article" (or redirect) link in a separate line if there is an article (or redirect) with the matching name; OR
    • A paragraph (in the bottom section of the page) saying the feature is not present or the article has not been created, if there is no matching page name
  • If any other coding, it then reproduces that, as ordinary wikitext
  • If the field for the game is "=no", that game will be listed at the bottom of the article under its own header and without a link
Editing and maintenance information
This template actually calls upon Lua code, which can be viewed at Module:Overview.