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This template is used for the units in Civ4.


The fields are pretty much self-explanatory. Enter the name of the nation in the unique field in case the unit is the unique unit of that civilization. Then use the replaces field to denote the unit that this unit replaces. The image defaults to PAGENAME.jpg, but can be replaced with the name of any image, such as UnitABX123xyz.png. For mods, ismod category should have the value true.

{{unit (Civ4)
|name = 
|image = 
|unique = 
|replaces = 
|replacesBTS = (the replacement in BtS, if different from Vanilla/Warlords, e.g. Phalanx)
|class = 
|strength = 
|moves = 
|cost = 
|upgrade1 = 
|upgrade2 = 
|reqtech = 
|reqres = 
|attributes = 
|ismod = (remove this completely if unit is part of the regular game)

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