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A Temple produces one content face, making one unhappy citizen content.

Civilopedia entry[]

In ancient times, almost every city had a temple dedicated to the city's patron god. Many cities also had temples dedicated to other gods as well. In modern times temples are thought of as places of worship, like churches and cathedrals. Ancient societies, however, considered temples to be the local dwelling place for the god or goddess to whom they were dedicated. The faithful citizens brought gifts of food, rare metals, and spices to the temple as a sign of homage and respect. The presence of a temple in the city had a comforting effect on the population, and wise rulers often constructed one as soon as the city began to grow.


  • The Temple building of the Mediterranean civilizations is based on the Pantheon in Rome. The same structure also appears in the city models in the campaign view while in the Middle Ages.
  • The Temple building of the European civilizations is based on Stonehenge.
  • If the temple is the first improvement in the city, the city borders will expand four turns after its construction.

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