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The Temple is a building in Civilization Revolution.


Building a Temple in your city will provide 1 point of culture for every citizen in that city. Temples are required to build Cathedrals. They are a necessity for any player trying to win a Cultural Victory.

Civilopedia entry[]

Although they may call them by different names - church, synagogue or mosque - almost all religions have some form of temple: a building where the faithful come to worship. Temples sometimes also serve as schools, hospitals, and/or soup kitchens, serving the physical and intellectual as well as spiritual needs of the people.


  • The Temple of Kukulcan in Yucatan, Mexico, is the finest surviving example of a Mayan house of worship. Twice yearly, on the vernal and autumnal equinox, the sun causes a series of shadows to appear, created by the orientation of the pyramid's steps. These shadows flow onto one another until they reach the base of the pyramid where they come to rest directly behind a carefully placed statue of a serpent's head. This shadow serpent is meant to represent the ruler of the temple, Kukulcan himself.
  • In Rajasthan, India, there sits a temple known as Karni Mata. Within this temple, tens of thousands of rats are cared for, as they are believed to be the reincarnated followers of the temple's founder.