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Temporal Calculus
Temporal Calculus (CivBE)
National Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 650 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes +100% Unit visibility.

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Temporal Calculus is a national wonder in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It can only be built by combining Progenitor Artifacts.

All Units Gain +100% Visibility


"Even a breath on the scale can determine success or failure. See the breath before it forms, and all scales balance in your favor." - Han Jae Moon, The Inexhaustible Burden


Innovation in the field of mathematics seemly halted upon the advent of oscillating syllogism and related subdisciplines, leading to the expectation that no further developments were possible beyond disentangling overly complex methodologies. Yet, a breakthrough in mathematics was on the horizon.

Temporal Calculus examines the impact of recent change to determine future changes with exceptional precision. Accepting that the physical world is composed of mathematical properties, Temporal Calculus reverse engineers the impact of a living being on their environment, in real time, to predict the being’s location. When the math is applied to tracking and visualization technology, a target’s future position is determined, within a margin of error, before it arrives. While the margin is wide for entities with essentially chaotic drivers, such as insects or lesser animals, the precision increases with the sophistication of the subject. Sentient lifeforms are more reliable to predict than non-sentient beings, and organized or group agents, such as vehicles or military units, are more reliable still.

Neoteric Temporal Calculus, an experimental branch of the field, investigates fantastical theories; such as how far into the future a trajectory can be predicted. Utilizing NTC in surgical and medical functions would yield miraculous results, preventing potential diseases and repairing cellular breakdown before it occurs. Enthusiastic, almost cultish, NTC mathematicians combined Drees-Loane mechanics, the physics of dark energy, to calculate a hypothetical means of halting and controlling the expansion of the universe. Their bold theories have yet to be anything other than conjecture.

Artifacts that prefer this wonderEdit

Image Artifact name
Auratic Magnet artifact (Rising Tide) Auratic Magnet
Models of Entropy artifact (Rising Tide) Models of Entropy
Causal Looking Glass artifact (Rising Tide) Causal Looking Glass
Deviation Fork artifact (Rising Tide) Deviation Fork
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RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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