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Tengriism is one of thirteen eligible religions featured in the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions for Civilization V.

Game Info[]

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Unlike the religions in Civilization IV, this religion has no technological requirements to be unlocked and neither unique buildings nor a unique missionary unit. Like all other religions, Tengriism can be founded directly after using a Great Prophet's Found Religion ability and only one civilization can be the founder of this religion.

Tengriism is the preferred religion of the following civilizations:

Civilopedia entry[]

The ancient religion of Tengriism is notably tied to the tribal peoples of Central Asia, including the Huns and Mongols. Based primarily on the belief in Tengri, the Sky God, and Eje, the Earth Mother, Tengriism is known to have been loosely collaborated, with no priests or clerics, and no attempts to convert others. By focusing on maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment, worshippers of Tengrii held the Earth's resources sacred, particularly water, which was scarce in the steppes of Central Asia where much of Tengriism's following was found. Although it is believed there are still adherents to Tengriism in parts of Asia in the present-day, an accurate count of their numbers has not been taken.


  • Tengriism had lay (unordained, informal) clergymen. Known as shamans, they never organized or standardized the Tengri faith outside of the individual villages and never had any known hierarchy.
  • Despite being the religion of warriors and bloody conquerors, the Tengri faith never attempted to convert others. This explicit tenet of tolerance of all other faiths was one of the reasons why the Mongol conquests were so successful.
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