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Game Info[]

Unique improvement of the Incan civilization. Requires Construction.


The Terrace Farm allows the Inca to take maximum advantage of elevated terrain in their territory. It can be built without access to fresh water and produces additional Food Food if located next to mountain tiles. Settle as many cities as possible near mountain ranges, then fill the surrounding hills with Terrace Farms to increase your empire's 20xPopulation5.png Population rapidly.

Civilopedia entry[]

Terrace farming developed in mountainous areas simultaneously around the world, including Bali, the Philippines, China and Peru. These skinny stepped fields are cut into hill and mountain sides, preventing the run off of irrigation water and providing space for arable land, usually where none previously was possible. The Incas in particular were masters of terrace farming, and erected large, drystone walls to hold their terraces in place. After building the terrace’s shape, the Incas then constructed systems of canals and aqueducts to provide the terraces with constant water, increasing the land’s fertility. The ancient Incan terracing techniques were so successful that modern Peruvian farmers still employ them in their farms today.


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1 Requires a DLC

GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.
BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.