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For the resources found on these terrains see, Resources (CivBE). For the improvements found these terrains, see Tile improvement (CivBE)

Base Terrains[]

Name Yields Notes
Hill Hill None Has a movement cost of 2Moves (CivBE).png, but provides defensive bonuses of +25%
Grassland Grassland +2Food
Plains Plains +1Food
Canyon Canyon +2Production Can not be crossed except with hover and air units.

Production Production increased by 5 by the city that built the Tectonic Anvil wonder

Tundra Tundra +1Food Provides +1 Energy Energy with Mass Digester even with a Terrascape
Mountain Mountain None Can not be crossed except with air units.
Desert Desert +1Energy Provides +1 Food Food with Vivarium even with a Terrascape
Coast Coast +1Food
Base Game
Rising Tide
Water Refineries provide +1 Food Food in the Base game, but +1 Production Production in Rising Tide.
Ocean Ocean +1Food
Rising Tide only
Water Refineries provide +1 Food Food in the Base game, but +1 Production Production in Rising Tide.
Trench Trench None Aquatic improvements can not be built on trenches.
Snow Snow None

Terrain Features[]

Name Yields Notes
Ice Ice Can not be crossed except with hover or submarine units.
Marsh Marsh -1Food Must be drained to be productive.
Movement cost of 3Moves (CivBE).png
-15% Combat Modifier
+1Food from Cytonursery
Flood Plains Flood Plains +2Food Land adjacent to rivers
If a city has a Vivarium flood plains will only provide +1 Food Food
-10% Combat Modifier
Forest Forest +1Food
Can be cut down for some Production Production and converted into Plains or Grasslands. Has a movement cost of 2Moves (CivBE).png.
Miasma Miasma Heals Alien Units. It harms Earth based units until player rises in the Harmony Harmony affinity or researches harmony related tech.

Can be removed or added by workers or miasma related orbital units.

Craters Craters Can not be crossed except with hover and air units.
Lakes Lakes +1Food Any body of water ten tiles or smaller that is completely surrounded by land tiles. Lakes provide fresh water allowing for farms on hills and tundra.
Reef Reef RT only.png There seems to be no difference between reefs and oceans or coasts except cosmetic differences.
Rivers Rivers +1Energy Tiles adjacent to rivers receive +1 Energy Energy.

Units expend all energy when crossing rivers unless tiles are connected by magrails or roads.

Receive a -20% penalty when attacking across a river. Provides fresh water allowing farms, hills and tundra to have farms on them.

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