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Terrascape (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance 6 20xEnergyBE Energy
Required technology Terraforming
Yields +2 20xFoodBE
+2 20xProductionBE
+2 20xCultureBE
Notes Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on any terrain. Provides:
The Terrascape is the ultimate symbol of humanity’s dominance over nature. A late-game improvement, the Terrascape is like the Garden of Eden – a perfect environment which improves a city's output of everything, except energy. This amazing feat is achieved through Terraforming and can be built on any resource or terrain. However, those who seek perfection must be willing to pay the price. Not only is the Terrascape expensive to build, it is equally costly to maintain.

Game InfoEdit

A Terrascape is a tile improvement unlocked with Terraforming technology. Unlike other tile improvements, instead of adding to the tile's existing yield, a Terrascape replaces the yield with 2 20xFoodBE Food, 2 20xProductionBE Production, and 2 20xCultureBE Culture.


As it is a tile improvement it has the following behaviours:

  • It overwrites the original tile's yield, but still gains bonuses that apply to the underlying terrain. So for instance if you have a tech that gives +1 food to desert tiles, then you will have a base 2-2-2 + 1 food, resulting in 3 food, 2 production 2 culture. (4-3-3 with the Ecoscaping Virtue)
  • In the options menu you can set it so automated workers don't automatically do this tile improvement if it destroys something already built there.


The Terrascape can offset the disadvantages of polar settlements, as it does not require fresh water and can even be built on barren snow tiles.


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