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Tessellation Foundry
Tessellation Foundry (CivBE).png
National Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 650 Production
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes Military Units complete 30% faster.

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The Tessellation Foundry is a national wonder in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It can only be built by combining Progenitor Artifacts.

Military Units complete 30% faster.


"The independent spirit will always prevail over the dependent. We will control our own destiny and our own survival, even if we have to bend the rules of reality itself." - Duncan Hughes, The Prime ARK Letters


Particle assemblers in the Tessellation Foundry allow the site to emulate entire teams of mechanical engineers, and without metal or any other resource, can manufacture parts used for a variety of vehicles on an otherwise impossible scale. The Foundry can produce highly specialized parts or generate more generic but essential parts in mass quantities.

Replication technology is ancient. Expeditions at Progenitor ruins led to insights that baffled replication scientists at first. After years of study, these findings were incorporated with their own work and the process of manufacturing molecules became a reality. Rian Motisko, Chairman of Applied Xeromechanics. “The Progenitors left the results of their research. The effect, but not the cause. Particle assemblers work, but we don’t entirely know why.”

A Mobile Autonomous Particle Assembler was conceived; a device that would travel into space, map its location, and self-replicate to exponentially increase the coverage of its cataloging. Uninformed scientists of unrelated fields were outspoken in their opposition to MAPAs, stating that such exponentiating devices would overrun the universe and consume all matter in the process. This nonsensical argument, although popular, was not the reason for the project’s cancellation. Rian Motisko’s declaration of ignorance over Progenitor technology is cited as the primary reason MAPAs failed to be developed.

Conjecture about the Progenitor’s role in creating of particle assemblers and the Tessellation Foundry often spirals into philosophical debate. Were they mysterious benefactors who left the fruit of their research behind for us to discover? Were they masters of manufacturing particles and if so, where is the evidence? One humbling conclusion is that they may have developed the perfect MAPA; a device capable of mapping the universe and self-replication with consciousness as the mass-consumption fail safe. And this self-aware device might one day, after having colonized seemingly infinite space, return to the Progenitors with many lifetimes of maps and stories.

Artifacts that prefer this wonder[]

Image Artifact name
Geon Spores artifact (Rising Tide).png Geon Spores
Single-Pass Geometry artifact (Rising Tide).png Single Pass Geometry
Tesselation Vault artifact (Rising Tide).png Tesselation Vault
Atomic Tesselator artifact (Rising Tide).png Atomic Tesselator
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RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.